[H] Lightbringer <The Exodus> 10man guild

One of the server's oldest Horde guilds <the Exodus> is back together and looking for either an exceptional Holy Paladin or Restoration Shaman to keep progressing in heroic 10man content. Our members have completed raid achievements in all of the WotLK raid instances, most notable:

Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10man
Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10man
& Bane of the Fallen King

Cata Raids:
Defender of a Shattered world
Heroic Halfus

Currently we stand at 1/12 heroic bosses downed in Cata Raids.

Formed from members of Menagerie at the end of vanilla, The Exodus is a guild of players who have almost all played together for years. After our guild leader was forced to take the latter half of WotLK off due to RL obligations, we are back together and ready to take advantage of Cataclysm's equal opportunity raid system by becoming one of the strongest 10 man guilds on the server.

We have multiple members who played through alpha/beta for Cataclysm and are very familiar and have beaten almost every encounter in the first tier of raids already. This being the case, we will be leveling very quickly and would prefer any applicant to be ready to raid within 4 days of release. (We are in Fact ready for raiding at this point in time)

We have a simple goal; Down all content when it is current, and have fun while doing it. Like minded players that play to get shit done and still have a social life outside of wow are welcome to apply.

What we require of applicants:

This shouldn't have to be said but: working vent (includes mic and speakers)

We expect all Raid members to show a high level of raid awareness at all times during encounters. Dodging fire/shadowtraps/voidzones/any other easy floor animation goes without saying. we are looking for players that can Dodge these mechanics while still Tanking/DPSing/Healing at the highest level.

Raid prepared each night: that includes being at the instance BEFORE raid starts, coming with Pots, Flasks, and food for the whole night.

New expansions give players a chance to change their environment and up their game and we are fully aware of this. Players have obligations outside of WoW or maybe have been tied to friends in weaker guilds. If you know you are a strong player but do not have the track record and are ready to dedicate time to become an exceptional player, feel free to contact us.

Our raid times and website are listed below

Thursday - 7:15 PM until 10:30 PM

Sunday - 7:15 PM until 10:30 PM

Monday - 7:15 PM until 10:30 PM


Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Or you can reach us in game by whispering Broono, Therdin, or Madae