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Thread: Death Knight having issues with multiple mob pulls

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    Death Knight having issues with multiple mob pulls

    ARMORY: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../reyvia/simple

    Hey all, I'm rather new to tanking (only been doing it for about 3 months now) and am enjoying it greatly coming from a rogue. I seem to have mastered the basics of DK tanking but still have trouble with multi-mob pulls. Maybe I am overestimating my gear but I rarely ask for CC anymore (which coud be a problem) and usually end up burning a ton of my cooldowns and spiking all over the place when I pull multiple mobs, specifically any mobs that do a lot of magic damage (HoO and Stonecore come to mine).

    Am I over estimating my gear to tank 4-5 mobs at once or am I not handling the situation correctly? Usually my rotation for multiple mobs goes something along these lines:

    DnD -> Outbreak -> Pestilence -> BB and DS spam with RS sprinkled in

    Any feedback or help is much appreciated!

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    If you have casters in the group, save a Blood Rune for Strangulate so they won't do any initial damage. From there, make sure you have a kill order set up so that the casters go first. Balance this against mobs that have bleed effects/mortal strike debuffs and be sure to know what you can do beforehand to minimize your own damage and the damage going out to the melee (bladestorms or what have you take healing away from you and onto the melee - so might want to mark that as second. Melee will usually jump right on it)

    Make sure your runic power is going into RS so that you have more runes available from the RE procs to Death Strike. CC is your friend regardless of gear - you have to think of the healer as well (if you run with pugs or less geared healers). As for any other magic damage, just use AMS and keep Mind Freeze handy.

    Bone Shield Pre-pull so that it will be ready to use with a quick Blood Tap if it falls off. As long as you're following tank basics (not letting them get behind you, keeping threat, using CDs effectively) you should be ok. It also doesn't hurt to pop Dancing Rune Weapon for the added avoidance. Usually a VB and maybe one other CD is enough for me, but it also does depend on your healer.

    If you don't have it, check out Blood Shield tracker. Its an addon that tracks how much shield you have left, as well as how much your next Death Strike should heal for. Any other questions, just ask, I'll edit the post as I think of more things... but questions are best.

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    instead of blood bloil ,you could try heart strike doube tab then hearstrike again, unleess you are swarmed by 6 mobs or more you will achieve more threat with heartstrike,you just have to change targets to spread the love about . my blood boil does about 5k per mob, but heartstike is whacking 12k/9k/6k.
    also warn your team that your first 4gcd's produce very little immediate threat, but lots in the long term so they need to be done first, a lot of teams are happy to work with a tank to get thru,they just need the reminder as they get used to ppl starting with avenger shield for example. inevitably you get the few who want to make it hard work,but with them i fidn let their repair bill climb enough and they will learn (its a learnign curve, and for some its steeper than others) or leave in a huff calling you some colourful names , usually followed by the rest of the team calling them a few colourful names. also markign priority in which to kill targets hels as no matter how we do it our primary target has shedloads of threat compared to second in line.this situation is exasperated by some warriors who read in a forum that the best thign they can do is kill an add, usually involving them leaping in and stunning it outside the main group so it gets no threat from you , and then shout at you that you didnt tank it(again repairbills are a good instructor jsut as ignore is useful to prevent them from distracting you)

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    Im tanking for some while now and did not had problems with threat (except on Halfus little dragons I need few seconds)

    1) mark them - use macros / key binds / addons, whatever You are comfortable with.
    2) DnD, it does pretty much all You need.
    3) Death Grip caster (usually skull)
    4) Few hits DS and HS spam, if still problems - Blood Tap + HS, RS dump RP, repeat
    5) Addon Taunt Master is must - it allows You to taunt off target without trying to find aggroed mob
    6) Tidy Plates - Threat Plates - it shows targets attacking You, other group member, other tank, and loosing aggro by different colors so You always are aware of which mob is attacking someone else and who is going to and prevent that before it happens.

    Plus check Your expertise rating - should be above 17.
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