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Thread: DK - H Maloriak 10 add tank issues.

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    DK - H Maloriak 10 add tank issues.

    US - Malygos - Wilhem.

    After a some time working on H Maloriak (10 man) last night, I am feeling extremely squishy as soon as the third set of adds comes out. It seems like if there is ever a moment where a few of them are in melee range, I'm instantly roasted.

    Even during green phase I seem to get lit up fairly quick.

    Our setup is as follows:
    Druid tank on Mal, DK tank (me) on adds.
    Resto Druid, Shaman, and Holy Paladin.
    Ret Paladin, Fury Warrior, Hunter, Warlock, SPriest.

    We are having the Lock stun the adds heading into green phase, and frost traps are down; it mostly seems like either bad RNG or just, I don't know what.

    I was hoping someone could toss out some ideas that perhaps had not thought of. Anything at this point is something I will consider.

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    If your dps is decent, then kill some adds before. After the recent stealth nerfs to Maloriaks Hp it shouldn't be a problem to either bomb a set of adds in the black phase or straight after it, letting one after one released add reach the camp and being tanked from a dps (don't tank it next to other adds or Maloriak due to the buff, especially during a red phase!).

    You most likely won't survive 9 adds without huge cooldowns, especially during the green phase with +100% more damage taken.

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    Yeah, I was thinking about this. There was one time (on accident) we allowed 1 set of adds out during the first black phase and made it through without huge issues and had the adds burned down. We had problems on further attempts doing it that way due to large amounts of damage.

    We do have Maloriak down to 57-59% after the first phase cycle (Black-Green), so our DPS seems on point to have him at 30% quite easily by the end of the the second cycle if we have some DPS take out an add, or two, or three prior to green phase.

    Thanks for tossing that out there.

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