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Thread: Heroic Magmaw 10 man: getting the tactics refined

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    Heroic Magmaw 10 man: getting the tactics refined

    Our 10 man group has been attempting Magmaw for our second heroic kill. Not the most logical progression maybe, but it's going pretty nice. However, I still wonder if our tactic is as good as it can be.

    What we do is we split the raid in 4 groups:

    - Our maintank tanks the boss on the right
    - We have 2 ranged dps and 1 healer stand in the open, for pillars, meteors and spit
    - We have 1 mage kiting the small adds around
    - Rest of the raid stacks melee left side

    The ranged stays out to soak the Magma Spit, take all the Pillar of Flames and the Meteors. Two melee dps take care of the chains. We don't tank swap.

    What I'm wondering if we really need 3/4 people outside of melee range to soak all of the different abilities? Also, should we tank swap on Mangle or is that not really needed?

    How are other groups handling this on 10 man after the recent changes?

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    Well we've just started on this fight as well (2/13 HM atm).

    - we tank swap, mainly because the armor debuff has less impact on the tank grabbing the constructs (I believe a decent chunk of their damage is not physical). Plus it's so easy to do (basically the tank who comes out of mangle just picks up any newly spawning constructs)

    - we have 2 hunters (no mage). They are at range, everyone else is at melee (pretty much stacked). Meteorite never hit melee EXCEPT when magmaw mangles/becomes impaled - I'm unsure as to why - one suggestion was that because his head's hitbox changes, the melee group are no longer considered melee (i.e. they are ranged), and thus are valid meteor targets for the duration of the head phase. Possibly people move slightly out of melee range unintentionally at this point. To counter this, when mangle happens, the melee group (i.e. everyone except hunters) runs out of melee range and spreads out on the side not covered by ignition (or whatever the steam/dust is called).

    - once head phase ends, the new tank runs in and grabs magmaw (very important that no one else is in melee at this point, or they can get one-shot). As soon as the tank gets magmaw, the rest of the melee group run back into melee range. They have approx ~3 seconds before the next pillar/meteor is due, so they have to get in close quickly

    - the main issues we've been having is hunter deaths (especially since they tend to run out of range of the healers whilst kiting parasites), and melee facerolling and not noticing the meteors during head phase. Pretty confident once people get a bit more used to it, we'll get the kill pretty easily.

    Edit: got the kill last night. one of our hunters had to go, so we did it with the remaining hunter (kiter) and a healing shaman at ranged, everyone else in melee. stopped at 32% and waiting for the next mangle/head phase, then lusted and burned. we did seem to get pillars/adds initially spawning in phase 2 which was a bit unexpected? anyway we just kinda off-tanked them and survived as best we could. killed him with 4 people alive :P
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    We managed to kill him this week.

    We only had 3 people at ranged this time and didn't tank swap. The only difference from our last attempt was that we had a lesser geared paladin tank instead of a druid tank. It was most likely just the execution of the fight that went better. We had constant 5-10% tries and when we got everyone alive in p2 it was a kill. Not a clean kill, the transition was a bit fucked and half the raid was dead in the end, but a kill nonetheless.

    Thanks for the reply btw Tankemy


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