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Thread: Heroic Omnotron, Poison Bombs

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    Heroic Omnotron, Poison Bombs

    So my guild is currently working on this fight to go 7/13H. I've been looking around the interwebs in an effort to gather information to polish / tweak our strategy. I noticed in the following video that the tank is Fixated by the poison bombs several times, but only once is ever actually chased. Does anyone know what tactic was used to accomplish this? Thanks.

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    He was not fixated several times, he just gets on top of their aggro list, exept for the one time he actually got fixated.
    Their threat table and their fixate are diffrent things.

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    I have tried explaining this to the other tank in my guild several times but eventually gave up once they nerfed the fight.

    Basically, if you are the toxitron tank and you get the fixate debuff the add will change targets and there will be more fixate debuffs out then adds up. In any case, if you do get it as the toxitron tank, THERE IS NO REASON TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL NOT GET HIT! (which is the part my offtank could never understand). It makes killing them so much harder if you start spinning the boss after the cast starts because they will not all be lined up nice and neat.


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