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Thread: Holy Priest Spell Rotation

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    Holy Priest Spell Rotation

    I realize that this is TANKspot, but I have read many posts on healer here so I figure I would poll you guys for advice. My main is a Holy Human Priest. I have been Holy since the beginning and leveled as Holy until I got enough money to go dual-spec. I leveled to 85 about 50/50 dungeons and quests and probably more on the dungeon side. I am (was) a good healer. Until 85, I didnít need to rework anything because what I was doing was working just fine for what I was doing in dungeons. I should mention I am late comer to WoW so never got into any WOLK raids which is part of problem. I hit 85 about a month or so ago and heroic Cata dungeons ate my lunch! On my own, I reworked my methods until I got pretty good at heroics. I ran a dungeon with the guild and they invited me to do BH Ö utter failure. Twice I ran out of mana about half way through the fight and voluntarily left before they had to find out a way to politely ask me to leave. As a result of that, I took to the forums and totally revamped my method and tried to upgrade my gear. I reran BH (with another group as practice ), did well and never came close to having mana issues. I now feel like I have a good base on which I can start tweaking/perfecting my style and that is why I am here. For the healers who run raids, I mainly need your advice on what spells I need to incorporate, secondarily (NOT THE FOCUS) and advice on where to head with my specs on gear. I am going to start raiding soon and I donít want to embarrass myself Ö again

    My spell rotation/usage is mainly:
    1. Prayer of Mending (as much as possible) but not right after cool down, mainly when tank is taking a lot of DPS or just before hand.
    2. Renew on Tank at all times and then on DPS who have taken a hit but not under constant agro.
    3. Heal spammed on tank and thrown on DPS if renew isnít quite cutting it
    4. Flash Heal if anyone is taking damage faster than heal will help.
    5. Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing if 3 or more in the group take damage. If it is only two I Heal both or Flash heal if necessary.
    6. Occasionally Greater Heal if there has been a big hit and I have time to cast it.

    I do use Lightwell, but I donít count that since I canít control if they use it. I have a good trinket I use the whole time, but need some advice on big boss fights, mana consumption, and better techniques.

    Here is my character info as well:


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    Hello there!

    As you mentionned about the logic and construed sense of the site's name it is not that much about healers. Thought many players are experienced in various roles.

    I am mainly tanking/dpsing warrior for 25 raids, and i have a holy priest alt just for fun and healing experience, as far as i am concerned the best way for you to heal efficiently is to consider using more abilities.
    good examples are the holy word spells, because you will need them a lot in raid scenarious (specially the aoe healing ground one).

    include some holy word serenity to your cycle in the "Heal" spam place, you will feel difference.

    A nice combo is also 2 binded heals+greater heal (or procced flash heal+binded heal+greater heal) works well when you are in need to heal yourself+someone else and then the tank.

    flash heal is not the best spell ever, usually it is better to cast P.W. Shield and then something else, by doing so you will prevent the target from catching killing blow for next 1.5 sec and then flash heal it

    Generally - include P.W. Shield and Holy Words to your standart rotation for single/multiple target heal

    my preraid healing priest
    not best preraid possible gear, but reforge, gem, spec decisions are there

    P.S. isn't mastery better then haste?
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