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Thread: Need tips for guild progression and recruitement

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    Need tips for guild progression and recruitement

    Hello, me and a friend of mine have made a guild 1 month ago. We already have like 7 ppl who are raid ready. But we keep failing on the raid bosses and I don't know why. I already did some pug raids so I know the tacs. We already have things like a website and ventrillo. Do you guys have any tips for inviting more experienced people. Because the ppl who are in our guild now actually suck. Also... when I'm recruiting ppl they always ask about our progression. But I think it's a little bit weird to say 1,5/12 :P.

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    You're not going to have luck getting new people until you do better. So what can you do?

    1. Talk to every player about his spec and gearing choices. Make sure they know how they're supposed to gear and gem and reforge and enchant.

    2. Run logs, that is /combatlog before each fight. Then upload the logs to a site like worldoflogs so you can see what damage players are taking, if it's avoidable (are they standing in fire) and if they are pretty good with their rotation. For example, is a prot warrior not using demo shout? Is a cat not applying improved farie fire? Are healers using too many quick heals without needing too (e.g. tanks aren't taking too much damage) which would lead to OOM?

    3. Work with the guild members you have now.

    4. Over-recruit. Everyone is on a trial basis. Pick the best to form the progression team and others for an alt-run team to keep them geared and learning the fights. Emphasize players who learn from mistakes and get better over players who simply have better gear.

    5. What is the guild structure? Have you established firm loot rules, what you're going to do with maelstorms, who is reponsible for getting patterns, expectations for what it means to be ready to raid on raid night (which should, at a minimum, mean flasks/double elixers, fully repaired, with more G for future repairs - and depending on how dedicated you want to go, elixers over flasks for when you're getting close to kills, best food for their class, and potions).

    Creating a guild website and having vent obviously important, but there are a lot of things you'll need in addition to that to create a functioning raiding guild.

    Good luck :-)
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