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Thread: First Time Pally

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    First Time Pally

    This is my First pally tank and ive done a great tanking job from the beginning but for some reason i feel like maybe im slacking some what cause i keep getting aggro pulled off by a warrior or dk who pushes 10k+ dps i know im not geared yet cause im a Fresh 85 and im working on it but i would like some advice on Rotations, Talents, Glyphs up to this point ive done it all myself but i feel like its finally time to get some valuable input and take my pally to the next step below is a link to my WoWarmory of my current gear and talents and glyphs would appreciate all the advice my fellow tanks and pallys can give thanks also would like some help with the Ret rotation talents and stuff right now hes mianly PvP Ret but i plan on making him PvE Ret for my guild...


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    You're wearing itemlvl 301 so don't be ashamed getting outaggroed from 346+ dps if they are overeager on aoe.

    Glyphs: c'mon there are plenty of tanking glyphs around and you haven't filled all slots yet. I'd recommend ..

    prime: hammer of the r./shield of the r./seal of truth - all for tps/dps
    major: loh, holy wrath, crusader strike - for survivability and mana concerns
    minor: doesn't matter

    And please get the Wrath of the Lightbringer talent, a 100% damage increase on your major ability should be a nobrainer, shouldn't it? Drop Guarded by Light for it - get now used to the 4.1 changes and 20s cooldown on WoG.

    Judgement of the Pure is pretty weak imho, i picked up 15% runspeed (free's up 50 mastery enchant for your boots) from Pursuit of Justice and improved Judgement Range over an Eye for an Eye for more pulling tools.

    Regarding gear: you will change it all anyways in the next runs but you could drop some crit/haste in favor of mastery and avoidance via reforging right now.

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    you have judgments of the pure, thats not very useful to tanks...I would grab reckoning, and wrath of the lightbringer...Haste isnt neccessary at allf or a tank..Guarded by the light is a playstyle choice..i personnally dont use WoG when tanking...I strictly stick to SotR or Inquisition for my Holy Shield..

    That being said DK's and dps Warrs are aggro whores period..they give me the most problems when tanking..(Im currently having many threwat probs on my warr, but never have on my pally or dk tanks)Your surely outgeared in these runs, and threat will come easier as u gear up...I also dont see any enchanting or reforging on any of your gear...Most protpallys r prioritising Mast>Parry/dodge evenly..Reforging hit/expert into that order..
    Are you using Hammer of the Rightous on multi target mobs, and crusader strike on single target? or just using Hammer of rightious? I see alot of tankadins not using crus. strike at all and this is a much weaker single target attack

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    You're doing awesome don't worry just like was said you can't compare to those in higher item level in regards to threat they will grab it right from you. They will need to wait a bit more TIME as this is the only available modifier of your situation.. So give a second or two longer than normal but definitely keep practicing.

    As you get faction gear the 5 man normals become stupid easy but HC 5 mans are still hard... This is normal don't worry keep going and you will get upgrades from Tol Borad/Drops.. Finally you will be getting into 346 minium level gear and lots of 359 and HC 5 mans become easy and you begin to poke off into Tier 11 but this time damage isn't scaled up like comparing 5 man normal/roic.. That is a large intake damage scale up imo and it is a bit to chew on at first.

    Reforging/Gemming is about stupid easy cuz you just want Mastery mostly "Try Ask Mr Robot".. If your socket bonus has Mastery, Dodge, Parry, Shield Block or a really good Stamina boost you maintain the socket color. Otherwise for all the rest you ignore it and socket Mastery. In reality using that rule the only item I have violated the socketing rule I believe is my belt where I skipped the +10 strength in favor of +40 Mastery.. i.e. socketing yellow in a blue slot "I think" which means yes I even skipped the +20 Mastery/+30 Stamina in favor of Mastery.. I am a low Hit Point but high Mitigation approach tank where I will trade Stamina for mitigation unless my hit points are getting way to low or the socket bonus is really appealing.. 141K HP on Contravene and he is typically last tank standing for a long damn time but that isn't proof of concept but just my approach.

    After you have gotten all the Mastery you can possibly get.. Try and get more Mastery!
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