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Thread: Cataclysm Restoration Druid Video Guide

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    Cataclysm Restoration Druid Video Guide

    This is my first video guide. I am an experienced healer and I am planning to do many more videos in the future covering content from the healer's perspective.

    Let me know what you liked and how I could improve and subscribe if you want to see what I make next.


    PS I've been watching Tankspot videos for ages but only just signed up for the forums now.

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    Lets see...

    In a single target healing situation, if it occurs, you are actually singificantly more likely to use other abilities like Healing Touch and Regrowth, in particular when Omen of Clarity procs. The reason for this is simple. If the tank is the only one taking damage, they are taking damage at a faster rate. For example, Evolved Twilight Zealot in Blackrock Caverns is a unit that does heavy damage on the tank in periodic and predictable spikes. This is largely a "single target" healing scenario. However a healer and tank on the lower end of gear progression doing this on heroic (in "appropriate level of gear for the content", not overgearing it) will have to resort to mixing in Healing Touch and Regrowth likely to deal with the larger spikes in damage.

    While you do describe a mana efficient method of healing a single target, you do neglect one key point. The only reason you are able to use those efficient spells on that target is because they are not the only target taking damage. Because damage is being distributed to more targets, the spikes on the individual target are more managable.

    Your guide doesn't cover any aspect of healing targets other than your primary target. Healing in Cataclysm at its core involves a lot of target swaping. The traditional definition of tank and raid healer has become blurred a great deal. In fights where a tank takes say 30% of the damage, you won't find a single healer focusing 100% of their effort on the tank and other healers focusing 100% on other people, but rather you would find all healers both healing the tank and the raid to varying degrees. Your "tank healer" may have about 40% of their healing on the tank, while your "raid healers" have 20% on the tank in order to get the necessary amount of healing on that target as well as on the raid.

    Your guide does mention Omen of Clarity, however makes no real reference to how to use it. Omen of Clarity is consumed by Swiftmend (largely wasted because it is so efficient), Regrowth and Healing Touch. If your heal is free, you actually do want to use a less efficient but larger heal.

    Also, since your guide at no point actually shows you exercising this healing you recommend it loses a bit of its weight. Instead you simply opted to put the cinematic in the background.
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    Here are additional videos!

    If any of you Resto Druids are looking for some additional videos of the new cataclysm fights from a Resto Druid PoV, I've got 12/12 regulars posted in HD at...


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