Clique is a newly formed progression raiding guild on the Dalaran server. We have been raiding for 5 weeks and are now 1/13 heroics. We were founded by a strong core of players all coming from the same 25m guild, with raid experience ranging as far back as Vanilla.

We raid 3 days a week (Mon/Thurs/Sun) for 3 hours each night from 9p-12a est. We're a tight-knit group of friends who just want to kill dragons and enjoy each others company while doing it.

We currently have one core raid slot open for either:
A dps shaman (enhance or elemental, but if you're enhance, you must have a raid ready off-spec and be willing to use it for some fights)
A resto shaman
A holy pally

We will accept an exceptional player of any one of the above listed specs. There will be no formal, written application process. Our only "application" is in the form of a Mumble interview.

If you are interested, contact Squishes/Lemonsqueezy or Squashes in-game or send a PM to Squishes on our website: