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    World of Logs

    Hey guys, I have a question about reading WoL. Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum.

    When I am looking at my guild's rankings on the dashboard, how do I know what is a good performance. I understand that anything over 100% will rank in the top 200 for that encounter. Obviously the goal is to achieve higher than that 100% mark. I realize that everyone won't break top 200 every single kill. It seems that maybe 4 or 5 times a week someone in my guild will get ranked, but how do I determine if they are performing to standards if they are sub-100%? Is there a magic number you guys look for, say greater than 75%, 80%, 90%?

    Basically I am asking how to use World of Logs rankings to assess my guild's DPS performance. Thanks in advance for helping me understand.

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    First, recognize that since only boss deaths are measured against existing top parses, in some fashion there was sufficent dps to the mechanics of the fight to succeed. Bear in mind that a large portion of ranked parses are the result of a combination of proper positioning, use of cooldowns and consumables, proper raid buff coverage, and on occasion the good fortune to have multiple proc effects line up with when your cooldowns are up and there is some bonus damage effect (exposed head on magmaw, green phase maloriak, etc.) Rather than compare your raiders against these benchmarks, track their progress against their past attempts (bear in mind patching will affect this) as well as other similarly geared players even on the same server. It is a disservice to ask a 355 ilevel DPS to match output with one in full 372 with ideal gear in each slot.

    Since you are in fact, downing the boss (or else no ranking information is shown) there must be some people at least doing something right.

    I am saying this as one of the (last I checked) ranked DPS, by the way. Slowly it is slipping as more people acquire better gear, but I should sitll be somewhere in the 150-200 range of 10N maloriak for survival, if you doubt my familiarity with ranking parses.

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    Honestly, using their % of a ranked parse is not an ideal measurement. Many things can fluctuate your ranking potential week to week that are not indicative of that player's ability or contribution. For example, a bad pillar of flame spawn (a positional failure) will disrupt a Magmaw parse. A fire mage may get screwed on procs while vile swills are up on Heroic Maloriak. A DK gets screwed if a tank has to move boss/adds out of DnD (Omnatron poison cloud, etc.). Rogues giving tricks to certain people? Unholy DK not using frenzy on your fury warrior but the parsed warriors did? You get the picture. This is even more apparent in the 10mans where you don't always have every raid buff available.

    Also, certain classes have received nerfs (i.e. Unholy DKs) that have resulted in MAYBE 20 new top 200 parses since February 10th (hotfix after 406 patch). They are most likely not going to be placing unless you specifically tricks/FM/stack adds to give them a competitive parse.

    A better, more thorough analysis involves you going through suspect dpsers and seeing what their rotation is, time between casts (a lot of casters lose massive amounts of dps just because they aren't casting often enough), when they use cooldowns/pots, how they react to movement (longer delays and lack of on-the-run dotting indicate keyboard turning sometimes, etc.) and comparing that to recent top 200 parses or their theorycrafted standards. It takes more leg work from officers, for sure, but involving your raid members can help immensely in the process. An overwhelming majority of people only think WoL is a dps/hps meter when in fact it has so much information available.

    If you aren't familiar enough with WoL analysis, there might be Youtube videos or walkthroughs to show you how to run specific log commands and such. I may be making one in the future tailored to raid leaders in analyzing recruits.

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