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Thread: Preparing for HM's - Prot War

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    Preparing for HM's - Prot War

    Hey Guys,
    That's my current armory.

    I am changing the Spec at the moment, so if you see that blitz still has a talent point, it's just because there WoW Server is still down - no need to comment on the talents atm.

    I am in a new Guild now, and they are starting to push H Modes. I am slightly undergeared for this, coming in late to progression - so I was wondering...

    How can I properly reforge and gem to be of use in H Modes, esp H Halfus and H Chim.
    Do I need to start stacking Stam Gems?
    Should I get rid of Expertise (slightly worried about threat, with geared DPS).
    Should I be getting rid of +20Par, Mast, and replace with +20 Par +30 Stam?

    Advice is welcome, keep in mind I'm changing the talents, so if you see Blitz up it's not what I'm using.

    Thanks guys!

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    While there may be encounters where you would need to take more hit and expertise, your main concern for those two should be survival. You should definitly reforge out of expertise at the moment. When you come to the encounters where you need more hit and expertise consider to switch items in (starting with trinkets) that have those.

    Your reforging should be to mastery all out. Especially since mobs are hitting much harder. Your parry should be higher than yours at the moment, compared to your dodge with high amounts of mastery.

    I don't know your raid and stuff, so you are probably the only one who can tell if you need more or less stamina. As far as I can see you have stam oriented gems in most slots at the moment. That should be enough. If you feel that you need more stamina, go for stamina trinkets and flask instead of mastery elexier. However you should do your reforging first. If you are dying too fast with optimal CD usage after that, go for more stamina with the gems.

    Some tanks report that they had to go (or at least did go) heavy on stamina for those encounters, others where quite happy with complete mastery approach. I think stamina gems should be better if you go full out on mastery with your reforging.

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    Thanks for that,
    When the server is back up, I will look into changing the reforging to pure mastery.
    If that doesn't seem to make a difference, I will then change the gemming accordingly to stack more stam

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