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Thread: 25 Man Raid Composition?

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    25 Man Raid Composition?


    So recently my guild has decided to switch to 25 man and I was wondering what raid comp should we use? I know for 10 man its 5 dps 3 healers and 2 tanks but what about for 25 man raid? as for going into detail can anyone help me out to?

    right now what we have it

    Druid 2
    Pally 2
    Holy Priest 1
    Shammy 1

    DK 1
    Druid 2 (1 feral and 1 Balance)
    Hunter 2
    Mage 2
    Priest 1
    Rouge 1
    Shammy 0 (but looking for ele and enchance right now)
    warlock 1
    warrior 1

    so with the two shammy well only have 13 dps im not sure what else we should use >< Also as for healing wise i dunno if thats the right set up either ><

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    You're never going to get a perfect group comp, and as a guild new to 25's, you're probably going to have a tough time recruiting for a while, so be open to different apps even if it's a class that's already represented. (Sorry had to state the obvious :-P )

    You actually have a nice mix of different classes, which leaves your recruitment open for pretty much anything but a main tank. You'll definitely need some backup tanks (and on some fights, you'll need 3 or even 4), so ask around your DPS for anyone comfortable in that role. If nobody is, then make that a high priority - a DPS with a good tanking offset.

    I'd also look for another healer and of course DPS who are comfortable with their healing offspecs. As far as filling up those DPS slots, you have everything (except for DPS shamans, and I think seeking out at least one of each spec is a wise decision), so be ready to accept skilled players of every class.

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    You should make a priority of a 3rd tank. Every spot should have at least one backup. (Maybe a paladin, but any good one does.) You don't need 3 tanks everywhere, but you have to have an option to go for if one of your MTs cannot attent the raid. (Even if they try to be there 100% of the time, they can get ill, or whatever.) So take at least another one if not 2, and make sure that maybe more than one has a dps offspec. If you are looking for a tank, you will be happier on the long run, if all of them can tank more or less to the same degree. So don't let one of them only switch over to tank when a 3rd one is needed. They are tanks, they want to tank, they will leave you, if you don't give them a chance to do it. That's differfent if you are taking a dps who can also tank. However I would recomment another tank. Because in most cases it's better to have people to play a role they care about, if you have to rely on them.

    You also should try to get another healer. Especially a disc priest. Their shields are very usefull in some situations. With your setup I would look for 2 priests maybe one with disc/holy. Maybe you want to have healers who also can switch over to do some dmg. I don't know if you have some of those.

    DPS: I would recomment an ele shaman. They are great for interrupting from distances. Something that's nice to have at multiple bosses. Enhancement shaman can do it as well, but at are not option for council for example.

    So your high priority recruting should be something like:
    - tank 1-2 (bear and pala at higher priority because you have none, but all combinations should work)
    - disc priests 1-2 (one with holy off-spec, one with shadow, if possible)
    - ele shaman 1-2
    - enh shaman 1-2

    Medicore priority:
    - 2 healers if you cannot get the priests
    - more dps
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