About Us

Darkness Within is a top Alliance raiding guild on the US Kirin Tor server. We are a well established guild, comprised of talented players who have experienced all aspects of the game. Our members have a simple common goal: successful raid progression. Members of Darkness Within are knowledgeable about and focused on end-game content, and have amassed vast experience as we have progressed over the years.

Current Progression

  • Throne of the Four Winds - 2/2

    Blackwing Descent - 5/6

    Bastion of Twilight - 4/4

Pre-Cataclysm Release WotlK Progression

  • ICC 25 11/12 hardmodes (server first 25 man normal)

    ICC 10 12/12 hardmodes (server first)

    RS 10/25 4/4

Raid Times:

Sun-Thurs - 11:59pm to 3:00am (CST)

Invites go out at 11:30pm, 1st Pull by Midnight

Additional Notes:

- We have completed and are continuing to clear many Achievements.

- Members run other instances on off-nights and before/after raids, including heroics, 10 man instances, PvP/arena groups, alt runs, etc.


- Applicants should be prepared to start raiding immediately upon joining.

- We are currently recruiting for Cataclysm progression, applicants should have gear and experience suitable to the content. Experience with achievements/hard mode encounters in current (and older content, where applicable) is a must.

- Omen, Deadly Boss Mods, and a few class-specific mods depending on your role.

- Ability to attend all raid days on a regular basis, with no major recurring conflicts.

- Ventrilo, and a working mic. Listening and speaking (at least to convey time-sensitive raid information) are both required.

- A good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to bring their "A game" to raids every night, not take excessive AFKs, follow instructions, and so on.

- A focus on progression. As a guild, our eyes are always on where we're going next, not where we've been. We move older content aside in favor of unkilled bosses and unfinished achievements, and push finished instances aside as soon as practical to leave more time for progression. If your goal is to farm old instances or "easy mode" bosses, this is not the guild for you.

- A sense of humor. We're rough around the edges, largely uncensored, and critical of each other. We make jokes at each other's expense, and give out constructive, but often blunt criticism when mistakes are made for the good of the raid. If you are easily offended by such things, you will not feel at home here.

- courtesy of other players time. We do not use in game calendar or any other counterproductive in game method of scheduling raids. The Council has determined that some of hte more casual guilds in their nature on our server even have players who show up ONLY for the raid instances and/or bosses that drop loot or have acievements that benefit them, and not the entirety of their GUILD. That is NOT how we do things in Darkness Within. Players that are raiders are expected to be on their mains before 11:30PM server time, if you know you can't do this that night, it is your responsibility to let the council member in charge of attendance recrods for your group know this information as soon as possible.

Application Process

After you submit an application on our website, we will contact you via in game mail within 1-5 days to schedule an interview. If all things go well we will bring you into the guild for a 14 day trial period where we will evaluate your overall performance, skill, attitude, attendance, and so on. At the end of the 14 days, or slightly before or after depending on performance, presuming all goes well, you will be promoted to member status. Most trial members will be tested in one of our 10 man groups and may be brought into the 25 man progression run during their trial period for "sink or float" type evaluation... be prepared! (More information on our trial periods can be found on our application in the link to "Guild Ranks")

Contact Information

If you have any specific questions about the guild, the app process or anything not listed here, feel free to contact:

Guild Master - Aelell (aka Setlo)

Shadow Council - Greymatter, Durlockozk, Melohlucca (Raehyll), or Toyah in game on the Kirin Tor server. Please do not contact other guild members simply to check the "status" of your application.



Thank you and good luck! =)

last updated : 3/13/2011 - Durlockozk (Shadow Council)