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Thread: Lazyness

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    I usually go all the way to 60 in vanilla zones now, because they feel so good. I'll go 60-63 in Hellfire, 63-66 in Zangar, and 66-68 in Nagrand before going on to Northrend. Everything goes fine until I hit Howling Fjord, and then it just feels so damn slow. By the time I reach Venomspite at level 72, I'm just exhausted and ready to do something else. Generally by the time I hit 75, the feeling of malaise is over, and I can blow through Storm Peaks and Icecrown Glacier in a few hours, pushing me to 80.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loganisis View Post
    When cata dropped. I thought they decreased the amount of XP needed, not that they buffed XP received? Anyway, I recall something about the net effect being a 20-25% increase in leveling speed from 70-80 with Cata dropping.
    Maybe you're right, maybe it was lowering the XP needed, I'll find out soon; but the net effect is the same, faster 68 - 80.

    I found 80 -85 to just blow by, especially the 80-83 range. That said, the two toons I blew through to 85 (pally and mage) are way behind my others in terms of rep. It really is worth it to quest the crap out of zones to get the rep; especially for dps with the 40 min dungeon wait ques.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loganisis View Post
    ... I just dislike Blades edge so much...
    This was the reason that it took me so long to get Loremaster. HATE Blade's Edge.

    But I've always hated outlands, loved northrend, and love the cata zones. Only thing is, even though it felt like I leveled slower in outlands and faster in northrend, it was actually opposite. By the time I finished half of Hellfire, all of Zangarmarsh, and most of Nagrand, I was 68 and heading to northrend. In Northrend, I would finish all of Borean, all of Dragonblight, all of Scholazar Basin, and some of Peaks and Icecrown and finally get that magic ding 80.

    As far as the above mention of killing like a shadow priest with only a little more mana dump, I must have been doing it wrong. At 80, I started leveling my priest as disc with an atonement spec and I was going through a ton of mana and getting down to nearly half health before the mob was dead. I switched to shadow at 82 and never had a problem with mana or health until I hit Twilight Highlands and had more than 1 mob on me.

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