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Thread: Rated Battlegrounds and Tanks

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    Rated Battlegrounds and Tanks


    I'd like to know if its valuable to bring a Tank to a rated Battleground match. I would appreciate if some tank could share his experience with rated bg?

    Do you need to respec for rated bg?

    I guess since you will be a flag carrier or something like this you probably need lots of resilience am I right? Or is it enough to have good pve gear?

    thanks for sharing

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    Do not head into a rated battleground without resilience if you're going to be the flag carrier. It has been a matter of discussion between a few pvpers and myself about the importance of our support group (dps) having resilience or not, but it is definitely important for your "tanks" and healers to have alot of resilience because they will be targetted by the other team.

    As far as repeccing goes, it sort of depends on your class, but most classes need a slight tweak to their spec to make the transition from PVE to PVP, as dps, heals or tank. You also need to have at least 5% hit for PVP, whereas a PVE tank, for the most part, doesn't wory about hit.

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    Rated Battlegrounds and Tanks

    2k+ resil is ideal. Everyone will be targeted at some point.

    I personally don't concern my pvp tanky self with hit. I haven't found a direct need for it.
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    Moved to the PvP section of the forums as it's a PvP question

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    My job as a "tank" in Rated Battlegrounds has either been to carry the flag or to prevent the other team from capping Waterworks on the Gilneas map. In either case you'll want to maximize your survivability through Resilience, Stamina and talents that hinder the opposing team or help yours. DPS is not something you worry about. All of which assumes that this will be your primary pvp focus.

    If it's just something you want to try out and your team isn't hardcore about their ratings, then your regular tank spec will suffice and you can gem/enchant your pvp gear for dps. Resilience will still be very important and you won't want to be in raid gear.
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    At first glance it looks pretty good wearing your shiny pve gear with 180k hitpoints unbuffed and high avoidance values. But taking ~40% more damage then other carriers is huge and during stuns and from behind you can't avoid many attacks.

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