Hello to my fellow bears!First of all,heres a link to my armory :


I have currently cleared most of the normal content,and I am going to be joining a guild that is at around 7/12 hc mode and I was looking for some other bear's, and healers, views on gemming for tanking heroic modes.I am currently gemming for mostly avoidance as you will see from my armory link,fully buffed in a raid I sit at around 174k health,35% dodge and 20.24 mastery as my view is that we get enough health from our gear alone to take the boss hits and avoidance helps the healers out a lot more,giving them those extra few seconds where they dont have to spam heal the crap out of me on hard hitting bosses.However I am curious as to if I will have enough health on heroic modes to survive.I have seen some mixed views on this topic,with some tanks such as sejta(paragon) gemming for pure stam and darksend(FH) going for avoidance so I am a little confused as to what to do.I dont want to go into my first heroic mode and get bent over by the boss and let him have his way with me if you know what I mean :P any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.