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Thread: Warr Tank in raiding but have little counfuse

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    Warr Tank in raiding but have little counfuse

    Dear Tankspot members,

    I have been reading a lot comment in tankspot about warr tank hit capped, expertise, mastery and etc. From my experince, i need a little hit and expertise to build a better agro. But all comment i reading here, many of us agreed hit and expertise is not usefull for cata.
    Is it true..? if a little needed for hit and expertise, what ur advice. My current gear my hit is 4% and expertise 16. Almost my gear, i reforged to expertise due to is not my expertise will be 0



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    The general consensus has been that, until you are doing heroic mode raid encounters, neglecting expertise and hit in order to maximize survivability is preferred. The first few seconds of the fight is the hardest to handle until you can get the vengeance stacks and be able to hold the threat no matter how often you miss or get dodged.
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    With 0 expertise and 0 hit you'll not land attacks in over 1/5 of the cases, that doesn't hurt on the long run due to vengeance but a missed shieldslam on the pull and an overeager dps and all can go downhill pretty fast.

    We still recommend as low expertise and hit as possible because your healer mana should be more of your concerns then your initial aggro. When they are decked out in 359s and capable of healing through high periods of damage without struggling to much you can look forward to aggro & comfort tweaks on your own.

    Some fights on heroic modes requires a lot of burst tps like Atramedes (starting with hero because everyone will be alive at this point..), Magmaw (adds need to die in time) or the Elementium Monstrosity (all of those sub 25% phase is a burn and hope mess) to only mention a few and Warrior in particular lack some decent pull/aggro burst tools especially in comparison to our blocking brethren with wings/captain america shield/hardcast exo/judgement - totally relying on heroic throw/shockwave/empowered shieldslam to land and buy us enough time to work with.

    But if you really struggle with aggro in general and you're certain that it's neither your rotation nor your specc*/glyphs** then you should look for other conditions like 10s/25s and the availability of tricks/md to bypass the time until vengeance kicks in. 2x+ expertise is a tradeoff roughly 3% avoidance for me,

    * War Academy, Incite, Shield Specc (if you aren't rage capped anyways), Deep Wounds and Cruelty all should noticeable increase your tps while Impending Victory still feels more like a gimmik talent to me and Thunderstruck is subpar to the other mentioned
    ** Shockwave and Cleave Glyphs, go get them for your aoe aggro! And the demoshout glyph quickly adds up over a 6-8 minutes fight to several freed up globals.

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    Thank You for your fast advice. From my understanding, survivability very important then threat for hardmode. I not yet in experince in hardmode due to still working to down nefrian, al akir and chogal. So i will stay to have a little bit expertise and hit untill i have full set of 359 item level and changing to more survivability when do a hardmode version.

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    Don't just have 1 set of gear, have options. In those fights where you need the snap threat, you often don't need quite the same level of survivability. So for example, get yourself the halfus bracers (with a dodge enchant) for survival but keep the ramkahen bracers (with a hit or expertise enchant) in your bag as part of your 'threat set', etc.

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    I currently run 2 sets, my threat set and my survival set. I'm block capped with shield block in both, just a little squishier in the threat set. For normal modes, you can tank pretty much anything in your threat set, barring end-bosses like al'akir, nef, and cho'gall.
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