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Thread: Prot warrior single-target raid talent critique - help

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    Prot warrior single-target raid talent critique - help

    I'm looking for a good single target threat gen build, but I also need a few aoe aspects for boss adds. Here is what I came up with:



    One thing I will point out is that I left out vigilance... with fight mechanics that call for melee and ranged dps to react differently, I left it out.

    Any comments would be helpful, just be polite. Thanks.
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    Is this for heroics or for raiding? Vig is good for both, but for different reasons. Vig on the healer or hunter that pulls threat = free taunt back unless you want to punish the hunter for pulling or teach the healer not to pre-hot so his ticks pull threat before you can spread rend around. Vig on the other tank in a raid = free vengence for tank-swap fights.

    If you're looking for a threat build: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LG0cZ0bZIfGzRRozbu

    Thunderstuck doesn't give you much. For heroics it's weak because it takes at least 18 seconds to stack to full for rend and it's extra AoE threat you don't really need when marking targets for kill priority. For single targets it's slightly better but you're not using your AoEs as much and SW is on a longer CD. It's just not buying you that much. Holding everything else constant and just moving 2 points from Thunderstruck into deepwounds will increase your threat by 7 or 8% in all likilihood (I ran a quick test on Wartotem's spreadsheet, but the results are an estimate, it will be gear dependent).

    If you need AoE, you need B+T at 2/2 to guarantee your rend ticks on all targets.

    DeepWounds is the best optional TPS talent point by far. Bloodcraze is crap. 3% heal over 5 seconds every 10th time you get damaged. Too small and too unrelaible.

    Impending victory is only sub 20% - those points else where help you kill the boss quicker, meaning less healing. Some like it. I think the situational healing isn't worth giving it up elsewhere. But it's a personal choice.

    Blitz is pretty much blah when it comes to raiding or even running heroics. You will only really use it at the start of the fight when there really isn't a need. Mark ranged add -> HT -> Charge, melee run to you, CC any other range until all the melee is dead.
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    take this spec and glyph comp, nice ae threat, cool mono threat

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