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Thread: Prot warrior needs help

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    Prot warrior needs help

    so i have been reading that avoidance in cata is playing a much bigger role in a tanks life, i hear that just stacking stam like you could in wrath is not acceptable any more. so my questions are:

    what trinkets to go for? 1 avoidance one and a stam trink or 2 avoidance trinkets

    i think my stats are not there for tanking raid even tho im getting close to being ready


    any help given would be appreciated

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    It's less avoidance playing a bigger role but mastery (in warrior case: block).

    The Barad faction trinket is very good since it has a magic-dmg-reduction on use effect - something warriors lack at the moment - combined with mastery.

    However for anything before heroic raids stamina is not needed. Go for aviodance trinkets and reforge as much as you can to mastery.

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    Your trinkets look fine (although I agree that the TB trinket is awesome, leaden despair is nice enough). Looking at your armory, your focus should be on enchanting your gear (10 items unenchanted?!), your factions and your professions (for the perks).

    Specifically looking at factions: you haven't got revered with earthen ring revered where your head enchant is, you are hated with therazane where your shoulder enchants are, but you are wearing a ramkahen tabard? The bracers are nice enough but your priorities are totally wrong. You need to quest deepholm to unlock therazane which might also net you some earthen ring rep.

    You might also look at changing your gemming strategy. The days of "just socket stam" are certainly past, whether you choose to match sockets with stam+something hybrid gems or go more aggressively and go for pure avoidance gemming is a matter of preference.

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