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Thread: Protection warrior: am I doing it right?

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    Correct, the glyph of sundfer armor, does work with devastate...applying to 2 targets...thge one that reduces the rage cost of sunder armor by 50% DOES NOT work with devastate however...

    I also dont use thje glyph of heroic throw (even though i am talented gag order,and use heroic throw on every pull with casters) I end up using devastate whenever shield slam, devastate, or Thunder clap are on cd so the 3 stacks of sunder are always on my targets anyway...Ive also taken 3/3 in War Academy, and Sword n Board to put Devastate higher on my priority list...

    Ofcourse, take into consideration your party makeup...If im in a group with 1 or no physical dps (melee, or hunter) then i only use Devastate if everything else is on cd...period...Now if im in a group where im melee heavy, Devastate takes a much more effective role as 12% armor reduction is huge! (With Armor Penetration removed from game, skills like "Sunder Armor", "Colossal Smash", and Expose Armor" are our only real means to ArP)
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