is this just because you need good gear to pvp good as a warrior or is it something else cuz i had like 1 killing blow and was almost bottom in the arathi basin i did today(i died pretty fast when i went up against people to)

but the only boas i have are the guild cloak one(which i thought i got off my rogue,but apparently its still on my rogue)and one of the swift hand of justice.i was bored and curious how warriors did in pvp so i decided to queue up

i dont know if its just the fact there terrible in pvp without good gear.or its because everyone in arathi basin at lvl 15 had full heirlooms and i was getting stomped but it was pretty bad.i was thinkin about just pvping with it to get the honor for the boa trinket that breaks fear but i might end up goin back to my rogue