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Thread: Guild level and rewards what do you think?

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    Guild level and rewards what do you think?

    Since cata has been out a few months and people have been able to get a feel for how everything works what does everyone think about the guild level and rewards system?

    If you could make an adjustment to it what would it be?

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    Heirlooms earlier. Other than that - not much. It's a bonus, like a socket bonus. It wasn't there before and we got it for free. I loves it!
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    I like it so far, I think some of the amounts needed for certain achievments to receive things like the new fish feast are a bit high for the smaller casual guild; also things like making glyphs are just a mat waste since not a lot of glyph making going on these days. But all in all I'm pleased with it. It's a nice touch.

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    I think low level quests should give more guild faction. I think it's rediculous if one can level to level 60 and being miles away from friendly. Those chars are adding a big amount of quests to the number of quests the guild "gets" and they add stuff for professions and stuff. And maybe they earn all the low level ini archievements. But they have no chance to get guild rep. While they are the ones who would need it most.

    So my change would be something like: Quests at appropriate level give 20 guild rep. Quests that are grey only 1 (or maybe 5). Something like that.

    An other change could be: Alt chars of the same account start at friendly with the guild if there is already one char of the acc at revered or stuff like that.

    A third issue that I have with the system is that guild rep is now something that is too much an artificial issue for people who want or who have to switch guilds. The thing is, it does not hurt guild hoppers much - they will never have a hig guild rep, anyway. But it hurts when people feel that their current guild is not the one that fits them, anymore. Or who would like to start over with some friends who did start again. Or when guilds split up (or guilds join each other). There are many reasons to switch a guild where it does not feel right that the guild change feels like a punichment.

    I don't know how to fix this, because it's a good idea that you need some time to get the favor of the new guild or whatever. But the system feels just artificial. Because it's the player who earns or loses real guild rep. Because she helps people, or becaue shes a good, koordinated player, or because she farms for hours every second night or whatever. Or because it's just a nice person, or someone who sets up a forum or koordinates raids. I know that a system that would allow a guild leader to push the rep of other players would be abused. But I'm not sure if all the fair players who are the victim of guild splitups or whatever needs to be punished (or at least slowed down) just because other solutions can be abused.
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    I like:
    * The extra perks you get for working together
    * The means to prevent 'cheating' your way to guild achievements ("requires Honored/Revered")
    * The extra faction for the personal achievement
    * That you only lose the rep if you join another guild, not when you leave your current one (guild pranks FTW)
    * The irony that the 10% rep gain also works on guild rep, making 3850 the effective cap once your guild is advanced enough.

    I don't like:
    * The lack of reward for donating to the guild bank or crafting for guildies
    * The cap of a flat 3500 rep per week, which is way harder to hit for casual 5man guilds than it is for raiders
    * The fact I'm better off saving completed Tol'Barad quests untill next week so I get easier guild rep for them.
    * The fact that Europe still gets it's rep reset on Tuesday, even though their maintenance is on wednesday.

    I totally loath:
    * The lack of transfer options for guild level on merges or even renaming a guild if they choose to alter their focus in WoW.

    Overall, it's a nice gesture, but it could've been worked out a bit better imho.
    Atleast it's nothing like the guild achievements, which not only favor size over cooperation on most achievements, but also have some ridiculous requirements such as 25.000 glyphs. (Although I understand the fishing requirement not being just fish, people would just bot it)
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    Most of the guild perks are nice, and yes WarTotem said it: some of them are just ridiculously over.
    Like those 25000 glyphs. That would require deliberate manufacturing of glyphs just for this, not like "natural way". When you just make potions and then you BAM! get achievement when guild makes that magic number.
    No guild can make 25k glyphs "naturally". It requires grinding.

    About that weekly guild rep cap. Umm well.. it is a Blizzard's way to punish us for too much playing methinks.
    But from other side: ammount of guild xp given from quests are just too small, hopefully guild rep tabards in 4.1 will fix it partially. Along with increased weekly cap i hope.

    I love G-Mail perk. Also For Great Justice is superb. 10% xp and 10% Cash Flow are as imba as they get.
    Actually from lvl 15 and up they all are great.
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    About that weekly guild rep cap. Umm well.. it is a Blizzard's way to punish us for too much playing methinks
    Why would that be viewed as a punishment? While I'm not a huge fan of caps in general (or shared lock outs) I do recognize that they are there to prevent burnout and to make it easier to "keep up with the Jonses" which is a mindset that a large number of players seem to have.

    Overall, I've been really happy with the changes. Leveling an alt is ridiculously easy, there's lots of quality of life improvements for raiders and some vanity items as well. I also like that the in-game menu lists who was in the group for some of the first boss kills.

    * The lack of transfer options for guild level on merges or even renaming a guild if they choose to alter their focus in WoW.
    Yeah, this was kind of poopy. Also, is there some fail-safe to prevent a GM from disbanding a guild? It would suck to loose everything you'd worked for on the whim of one person.
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    They recently announced that guild transfer and rename services were in the works.

    Has anyone got good ideas on how to zerg up from level 23 to 25 when the XP cap comes off?

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    Teams of 5-mans doing Heroics.

    I think some of the perks are in the wrong order. I feel the first level of cash flow should be a little sooner to help boost the guild bank. The first cauldron perk can be a little later as we had the perk long before we had the ability to make them. The JP perk should be sooner as we have no use for them by time we got the perk.

    The fishing, inscription, and crafted epics achievement are horribly overdone. Maybe when the next tier of content comes out the crafted epics will start moving along, but as of now, were only at 10%.

    Speaking of the fishing achievement, does anyone have a suggestion for a contest to get my guild into doing it to farm for the achievement?

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    I think they are generally ok. Like a few other people I'd have like the XP, JP and honor bonuses to be available a lot sooner though. Having the 'status symbol' rewards available toward the end and the more practical/functional rewards earlier is the way to go imho.

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    The extra materials bonus is pretty awesome, last night we got two crystals from a single item.

    As for amassing large amounts of experience: non-heroic halls of origination. is done in 15 minutes and has 7 bosses.

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