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Thread: Raid ID Extension and Reset the same week?

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    Raid ID Extension and Reset the same week?

    Hey all,

    Long time reader first time poster.

    I've got a question that I'm having trouble finding an answer to and I know it could have been subject to changes since the arrival of Cataclysm and the added Raid ID features.

    Anyhow my question is simple. Is it possible to extend your raid ID to practice a boss say Neffy without killing it then after half the raid night exit the dungeon and remove the extension and then proceed to re-clear it from the beginning?

    The thing is my raid group has just got up to Neffy and I cannot determine for sure if we have the gear to beat the encounter this reset. If possible I'd like to extend our BWD-Neff ID and get in to get some practice and if we see we're not getting the progress on him we need to down him I'd like to get out and remove the extension the then re-clear it one more reset.

    Thanks in advance for advice!

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    Not sure how it works now, but in ICC you could extend an ID and you wouldn't actually become saved to it unless you killed a new boss. If you didn't kill a new boss you could remove the extension and start over from a fresh instance.

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    Yeah that what I remember some people doing, but question is can you still do it? I know there have been changes to how the raid id's work so this could be something Blizzard removed. Don't want to accidently get stuck for a week in an instance we cannot kill any bosses in.

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    I belive you can not remove extentions anymore, once your extend it its over for this ID.

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    I am in a similar position this week (Extending BWD for Nefarian) and I wanted to check for myself. This is the message I received upon zoning in.

    You have entered an instance already in progress. If you kill a
    boss you will be saved to Blackwing Descent (10 Player)

    5/6 Bosses Defeated
    It is safe to assume it still works the same as it did pre-cata.

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    On normal mode yes you can extend and then later remove the extension because until you actually kill something that week you are not resaved. If you do this from one day to the next it would probably be fine. If you try and do it immediately it may require either a forced instance reset, soft reset, or you to disband your raid and reform before entering in order to get a new instance.
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