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Thread: Maloriak 25 HC - Ret having DPS Problems

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    Maloriak 25 HC - Ret having DPS Problems


    I usually play Holy but tonight we had too many healers for our setup and so I switched to ret for the night. I had little problems on the other hardmode bosses but I struggled with DPS on Maloriak in the violet Phase (Add bombing).

    Are there any seasoned Rets that have a word of advice for me?

    Which Seal should I use in that phase?
    CS or DS?

    Thanks in advance


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    Had similar issues to you, so I made a thread on MMO pally forums, which had quite alot of replies which in short said 'stay on the boss, stay away from add damage, and let the rest deal with it' I know this sounds like serious slacking, but we tried several methods and it actually worked for the best, and lead to a kill. Review the posts for further details


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