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Thread: Exactly how does "Burden of The Crown debuff work"?

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    Exactly how does "Burden of The Crown debuff work"?

    We did attramedies (normal) last night, and on the dwarf spirit mobs, I was tanking Spirit of Corehammer and the one using chain lightning.
    During the pull we got in to a little argument about how the
    Burden of The Crown debuff works.

    According to wow head:
    "Damage done increased by 100%.
    Abilities have no cost but deal 13875 to 16125 damage on hit."

    The first time, I got trigger happy when I saw I did massive DPS,
    and promptly died (from 30k melee hits from the 2 mobs I was tanking),
    the second time I pretty much only melee hit the mobs, and used one ability here and there to keep aggro from the healers, but I was still taking massive damage from 30k melee hits, and nothing else visible in the combat log.
    The first time, I was taking 50k damage from thunderclap (in total), and the rest of the damage was melee hits.

    How exactly does this work? do they hit you back with a melee swing for the same damage you do to them with physical attacks, and use Dark Simulacrum or something similar on ranged attacks, is the effect of the debuff just not noted in the combat log,
    or do they just hit for 30k and give you a damage boost?

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    I tanking them for month on different toons and only get the initial damage once on application, afterwards i just smash buttons for some nice numbers (120k shieldslams). No reason to pop a cd or worry about death at all.

    Those 30kish hits are just they regular melee attacks, your healers maybe wasn't spread out (for chainlightning) or to close (thunderclap range) or stunned (stormbolt). Kill them in this particular order: Burden - Stormbolt - Chainlightning - Thunderclap


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