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Thread: Prot Warrior bleeding HP in raids

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    Prot Warrior bleeding HP in raids

    Ok so since Cata came out I switched to my DK to tank but was asked to keep up on war info to help out our OT. My issue is that after having him respec / gear ect (and his gear is better then mine but ignored some of my gemming advice) he still BLEEDS HP to the point where after raids I have the officers and healers begging me to fix him.

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ndaur/advanced is his armory,
    and he keeps insisting he is keeping debuffs up, shield block off cd, rotating CDs ect. but I am literally lost on what to do to fix him.

    Any help you guys can provide would be fantastic, Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.

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    Pew, way to many to list them all.. i'll like you a proper profil instead: http://chardev.org/?profile=63097

    He has to fix: gems, reforging, enchants, glyphs, specc and buying another back (via reputation). Specc wise he could go 3/3 Blood Craze instead of Deep wounds to help his healers a little more, but it's really not that much healing after all..

    Quote Originally Posted by Steinnrand View Post
    and he keeps insisting he is keeping debuffs up, shield block off cd, rotating CDs ect. but I am literally lost on what to do to fix him.
    Just log and see if he's doing or just talking about it.

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    Thanks very much Klausi I will have him try that tonight and see what happens when we raid tomorrow.

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    Well that only fixes him for the moment, so I just try to summarize some things to actually tell him about, so he knows what to do with item upgrades and stuff:

    1: As a warrior he always should keep dodge+parry+block (buffed) > 72.4%. If he's there he can use shield block to get unhittable while it is up (he will only get blocks, crit blocks or avoidance). Shield block just adds 25% block (and there is a base miss-chance of 5%), so if he is there he covers the whole 102.4% of the boss-hit-table.

    2: It's not possible to be unhittable all the time at the moment, even with best gear. But it's a good thing to get close to that value. The best strategy to get there is to go for mastery.

    3: Parry and dodge should be "close" together because of deminishing returns. However for warriors parry is "slightly" better because of Hold the Line talent. So as long as 72.4% is still reached, it's a good idea to have parry "a little bit higher" than dodge. That's about 1-4% buffed. The value of parry increases with high amounts of mastery.

    3: Stamina can be mostly ignored before heroic raiding. And even there it's best to start with changing trinkets for stamina before gemig for stamina, since mastery is still good there.

    4: Hit and Expertise can be ignored at least before heroic rading, too. (Only exception before 4.1: if he is on solo interrupting duty in 10man, than 7% hit is needed, but you can reach that with food, elexiers and trinkets in most cases.) If he cannot hold threat without hit and expertise, he has to work on his rotation.

    So gear should be values in the following order:
    a) mastery + dodge/parry
    b) high amount of mastery + hit/expertise
    c) dodge + parry
    d) low amount of mastery + hit/expertise
    e) dodge/parry + hit/expertise
    f) everything else
    g) stuff with resilience

    Reforging should look like:
    a) Items without mastery but hit/expertise/crit/haste reforge the higher of them to mastery.
    b) Items with dodge + parry: higher one to mastery (exception: the one that should be reduced to balance dodge/parry more towards mastery)
    c) Items with mastery: towards dodge or parry (the one he needs more of)

    There are 4 possible strategies:
    - Everything to mastery (and what is needed to activate meta, but it's probably mastery, anyway)
    - Focus on mastery (blue: stam/mastery, yellow: mastery, red: mastery/parry)
    - Focus on stamina (blue: stamina, yellow: stam/mastery, red: mastery/parry)
    - Everything to stamina (and what is needed to activate meta)
    Before heroic raids first or second alternative are probably best. (Or a mix depending on bonus.) The second alternative gives more ratings altogether, so if the bonus is good, it's something to consider.

    He should only gem for stamia if he needs it. That's the case when he dies because of few big hits. If he dies because of healers going oom, or slowly dropping health bars while healers spam on him, that's an indicator to focus more on mastery. Going for stamina may be more intuitive in this case, because it looks like it would give healers more room to heal him. But the healers just need more time to heal him up or to give them the option to use cheaper spells and stamina cannot help there. Block reduces boss dps, so it helps the healers to mach it with their hps.

    I will not speak about talents, as long as you don't ask, because that's more about choice and less general theroy which I want to help you with.

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    For his spec I would move the points from Impending Victory to Vigilance and the Conc Blow.
    I would also look at Thunderstuck and Blitz and consider moving them around too. Maybe Blood craze, maybe Safeguard. I would definitely get the 2/2 for Blood and Thunder.
    I has a top hat.

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    Bump, because he's from my guild, and I happen to be one of the officers.

    I'll provide you a log from our most recent Omnotron and Maloriak kills, in the hopes that you guys can help further.


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