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Thread: ★█ [A-CST-US]<Helix> (3 day, 7-11 CST) 9/12 25 man LF Healers/Tank/DPS █★

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    Exclamation ★█ [A-CST-US]<Helix> (3 day, 7-11 CST) 9/12 25 man LF Healers/Tank/DPS █★

    <Helix>(www.helixofhellscream.guildzilla.com) is an Alliance guild on the Hellscream Realm dedicated to end-game raiding at a high level on a semi-casual three-day schedule. Hellscream is a CST server with a fairly high population and a thriving economy. The server is one of the original ten that were available at the launch of WoW in 2004 and therefore has a very established community with many players who have been on the server for the last six years.

    We have opened up recruitment to any and all qualified applicants of the following classes and specs.

    Holy Priest
    Tanks (DK)
    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest
    A few casters or Melee could be used.

    Exceptional applications from any class or spec will be considered.

    If you're looking for a guild with a dedication to end-game progression but can't make a 5-day a week raiding schedule, we encourage you to check us out and put in an application. Our website is www.helixofhellscream.guildzilla.com, apps can be posted there under the Recruitment tab. As always, experience in end-game raiding is a huge plus but not a requirement. With the onset of a new expansion less emphasis will be placed on gear than usual so now is the time to post a well thought out application and impress us not with your ph4t l3wtz but with your personality, dedication to raiding and the guild, and ability to play your class.

    Our raid days / times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday; 7pm - 11pm CST. Raid invites begin going out at 6:30. We expect solid attendance. If you cannot make 90% of raid days on time please don't waste our time or yours.

    We award loot through a Council and have for years, it works for us. Recruits are subject to a recruitment period of no less than 2 weeks, during which time you will be eligible for loot, at Council discretion.

    Once again, you can reach us on our website at www.helixofhellscream.guildzilla.com, or for any further questions feel free to contact Evnik, Rakunvar, or Markus in game and we'll do our best to get back with you.
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