Thanks for the interest in Angli Vel Angelus! We are currently recruiting spots for two of our 10m raid groups. The groups raid on seperate nights, one Tue/Wed from 730pm - 1030pm PST. The other on Fri/Sat, evening. The time of which has yet to be decided.

About AvA:

Angli Vel Angelus is a guild with a fairly long history stretching back to the beginning of World of Warcraft. In its earliest forms it was known as Tears of the Fallen which was eventually absorbed into the new guild The Calculus of Death. Following the release of The Burning Crusade the guild once again underwent a change and became Angli Vel Angelus.


Applicants are expected to have 100% attendance while under their trial. We only raid two nights a week, so this should not be difficult. We also expect ALL members to read up on each encounter that is being attempted and know the strategy developed for each encounter. Vent is 100% required and we encourage it's use outside of raiding as well. We are a no drama group and the first sign of such will be grounds for dismissal. We're also looking for people who are not just here to raid. While we have two nights we raid for each group, we're all a close knit group of people and encourage participation in other guild activities. e.g. Heroic 5m, PvP, etc.


AvA uses a Loot Council system. We use a number of factors in determining loot awards including but not limited too, attendance, performance, progression value and guild rank.

Tue/Wed Group 730pm - 1030pm:

We're now full for our Tue/Wed group, however we're always taking exceptional candidates.

Fri/Sat Group:

We're currently looking for:

1 non pally tank
3 healers (any class)
4 range dps (any class)

Again, we're all a close knit group. If you're looking for a core group of good people to socialize and raid with, you've found it. AvA is also currently glvl 14, with several items unlocked. We offer repairs for those who're out of their trial and frequently help each other gear alts while not raiding.

If you're interested, please visit us at and fill out an application. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to an officer about joining before putting in an application, please feel free to speak to Creslin, Zerdroppin, Dreaded or Cowbell in-game. If none of them are on, w/ any member online and ask if there is an officer available. Many of us have alts we use as well.

The application can be found at . Please follow the instructions, and take your time when answering the questions. While many of us find pretty much everything funny, we will take you as seriously as you take the application.