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Thread: Warrior PvP

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    Warrior PvP

    So obviously right now Fury SMF is the way to go, but I'm still in Arms spec from the last patch, and it seems in the next patch Arms and SMF will be a toss up when you weigh out the buffs/ De-buffs both will get, so before I grind out 2 1-handed weapons, what spec do you guys think will be best for PvP

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    Both Fury and Arms are viable for arenas. Play the one that you are more comfortable playing. Even with the nerf to Arms and the buff to Fury (and all the changes to warriors in general), Arms still out weighs Fury as the spec of choice in higher tier bgs and arenas. Again that is just numbers, playing the one you dont like will hinder you more than any differences in the two specs atm.

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