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Thread: 25-Man Progression Advice

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    25-Man Progression Advice

    Long story short, my guild had 2 10-man groups that started raiding towards the end of January, and as of last week Group A was 9/12 and B was 7/12. We made the transition into 25-man last night for the first time. We started in BWD with a handful of players who have never raided the content. We downed Magmaw on our 2nd try, ODS 1-shot, Maloriak 2nd try, and Atramedes 3rd try. We got 1 attempt in on Chim and got him down to about 55-60%. Mag & Atra kills were a little sloppy but ODS & Maloriak were very solid. I now see the room for error and ability to "carry" a handful of players in 25-m vs. 10-m. I am seeking the advice of experienced players that were in my position to see where we should go to next. If the raid turnout today is as expected, I am thinking about doing Halfus & Val+Ther first, and then do council or go back and try Chim. Or maybe start with Chim, then move to BoT, or possibly do Conclave first but thinking about keeping that for Thursday start. What seems to be the ranking from easiest to hardest for 25-m between Chim vs. Council in BoT? Where would you start the raid Wednesday, if you were in my position from the information I provided above?

    Im thinking Weds. - Halfus > Val&Ther > Chim / Council

    or Chim > Halfus > Val&Ther > Council

    Probably going to start Thursday with Conclave and then pick up where we left off on, or save Conclave for 10man group over the weekend. Not sure of the success rate of Conclave on 25 opposed to 10. Just seeking some advice

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    I've only done BoT and Conclave on 10 man while I have cleared everything on 25 man.

    BoT and Conclave seemed easier on 10 man even on my alt, except maybe for Cho'gall but I guess he depends a lot on raid setup.

    Chimaeron took a long time for our healers to figure out on 25 man, but I've heard other guilds having an much easier time on so I guess it depends on how good your healers are.

    I would say Conclave, Halfus and Val & Ther are the easiest of the bosses you have left. When you want to go for the easy bosses depends on raid morale and how you like to raid. Do you want to start the raid of with some easy kills and then bang your head against the wall until the time is up, or do you want to kill something easy at the end of the raid to boost morale? Keep in mind though that people might be tired and unfocused toward the end raid so the "easy boss kill - morale boost" might come right back and bite you in the ass.

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    I'd probably hit Conclave first as a quick and relatively easy boss to kill, and then head to BoT for Halfus and V&T.

    Council is probably going to cause a few issues, so you may as well hit up ones you know you can kill in 10m reliably to start off with.

    I'd say of the bosses you have, the difficulty is something like...
    Conclave < Halfus < V&T = Chimaeron < Council

    Cho'gall isn't so bad once you've cleared Council, and Nef / Alakir are a step above.
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