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Thread: [H] Hysteria of Khadgar 9/12 Raiding Guild Recruiting

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    [H] Hysteria of Khadgar 9/12 Raiding Guild Recruiting

    About Us:
    Hysteria is a newly established raiding guild that formed at the end of
    Wrath. We are dedicated group that thrives in taking on new content and enjoy
    the challenges Cataclysm has thrown at us. We are currently 9/12 bosses soon
    to be 10/12. We are committed to team work and strive as a guild as a whole
    and not based on individuals. Case in point we are as strong as our weakest
    link so we encourage everyone to do their best in raids.

    What We're Looking For:
    We currently accepting applications for all classes and specs. Though we are
    currently a 10 man raiding guild we are looking to expand our ranks to 25man.
    We are not looking for the "Best player in WoW", but players that
    -Take the time to be prepared for raid
    -On time
    -Provides constructive criticism, thoughts and suggestions
    -Maintain at least 3 of the 4 raid nights (can be flexible with prior notice)
    -Have a positive attitude, and thrive in a Raid atmosphere

    We are motivated guild looking to accomplish big things this expansion, and
    we are hoping to have you along for the ride.

    App online at http://hysteriakhadgar.wowstead.com and if you have any
    questions feel free to speak with an Officer in game at anytime. Our Officers

    Fivemagics- Guild Leader

    We will be happy to discuss your application/ questions you have for us. Till
    then we are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Happy Hunting
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