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Thread: just a checkup

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    just a checkup

    I have been having a few problems running some of the heroics that I come across. Its not that my gear is super bad, im working on it to get it better, and I am following the rotation advice I am seeing on the forums here, but I have been booted out of 5 heroic groups in the week and a half since I got 85.

    Here is my toon's profile.

    using CS/J/CS/rotation,
    still having issues with getting booted out of groups. though I havent really seen any issues with the threat.

    So any advice, greatly appreciated.
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    It's kinda hard to say why you get kicked from groups, but a lot of ppl tend to inspect the tank, and as soon as some of them see that much gear with no reforging on it they get a bit triggerhappy with the vote to kick button.

    As i see it you have a lot of hit and expertise which you could reforge into mastery/dodge/parry. It might not only keep ppl from kicking you straight away, but also give you some more survivability.

    Same with enchants. Helm, cloak, shoulders, a lot of unenchanted items. That would probably help too

    Hope this helps

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