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Thread: [H][Cho'gall] <Flavour Country> Quality > Quantity Raiding, 3 nights/wk 6/13 HM 25's

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    [H][Cho'gall] <Flavour Country> Quality > Quantity Raiding, 3 nights/wk 9/13 HM 25's

    <Flavour Country> is currently seeking exceptional applicants to round out our raid roster for Cataclysm.
    We are excited to resume 25 man progression raiding, and are seeking other like-minded individuals to join our community.

    The raid

    Flavour Country is a Horde raid on the Cho’gall server. We are a progression raiding guild that works hard to maintain the balance between raiding, fun, and real-life. We take a quality over quantity approach to the time we spend raiding. During The Burning Crusade, Flavour Country (Dark Iron – Alliance) was frequently the first 3-4 day raid guild to defeat new content including top world 100 kills on Magtheridon(39), Lady Vashj(35), Kael’Thas(69), Illidan(80), and M’uru(86), while maintaining a raid schedule of 12-15 hours per week.

    In September 2009 Flavour Country transfered and reassembled on Cho'gall (H) in order to lay a foundation for Cataclysm raiding. We were extremely competitive in Ice Crown Citadel, including server first on many normal modes, server second on all heroics up to Sindragosa. For Cataclysm we expect to maintain a very high level of competition while adhering to our raiding philosophy of quality over quantity.

    Currently Flavour Country runs the following raid schedule (all times are CST):

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8pm – 12pm

    During intense progression weeks a fourth day may be added.

    As a raider, you can expect from the guild

    Leadership that will work hard to improve the quality of the raid through theorycrafting, addressing weak points, and recruiting. Timely, efficient, and transparent administration of guild and raid affairs. Fellow raiders who desire in-game success as well as a strong guild community. The opportunity to provide comments, concerns, and suggestions about how the guild or the raid can improve (raid composition, recruit advice, encounter strategies, etc.). Accomplishments and fellow raiders that will make you proud to wear the <Flavour Country> tag.

    Who are we looking for?

    We seek three things from new recruits: skill, dedication and character. To learn more about our guild philosophy and what we desire in a raider, please visit us at FlavourCountry.org

    We are always interested in reviewing exceptional apps regardless of current recruiting needs. At this time, we are also specifically seeking:

    Tank - Offtank spot, approx. 50/50 split DPS/tanking roles. DK preferred, but player > class.
    Restoration Druid: Open
    Hunter: Open
    Death Knight: Open

    All information regarding applying to Flavour Country can be found on our forums: Joining Flavour Country

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Foreshadowed or Niomore in game.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
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