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Thread: Karma of Eonar- 10pm-2am Tue,wed,thu - Talented players - None of the drama

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    Smile Karma of Eonar- 10pm-2am Tue,wed,thu - Talented players - None of the drama

    KarmaEonar.wowstead.com - 12/12 Current Progression
    We are a month old guild. Our home is the Alliance side of Eonar
    Current Raid Schedule is 10pm-2AM Tues,Weds,Thursday Eastern Time - We will also do optional Monday cleanups at the same scheduled times.

    *********************GUILD INFO*********************
    *Our Leadership and Roster*

    Our officer core is comprised of players with exceptional skill, track records and work ethic. We have accomplished World (yes I said world) US,Server and faction 1st kills among many other

    titles and achievements. The majority of our raiders came from 20-30 hour per week guilds who pushed hardcore progression grinds and were looking for something with a lighter schedule where the

    raids were more enjoyable and they could still push hardcore progression with players of a similar skill level.

    Our Selection Process: Why Join us? Why did we post on your thread?

    We only show interest in players after we have read their entire post, researched them and think they could be a potential match for our guild with their level of play. We also require every

    person entering the guild to pass a ventrilo interview to make sure they will also fit in socially with the guild. This means a couple things #1 If we reply to your thread we are very

    interested in talking to you about a core position. #2 We are recruiting your for now and in the future. We are thinking long term and want this guild to be around for the rest of the time we

    enjoy world of warcraft. #3 We think you have the skill and drive to play at a top 250+ level, Do not disappoint us.

    Qualities we are looking for in our players:

    * Skill - The ability to execute at the top of your game and to play your class exceptionally.
    * Self-Motivation- Doing the research and theory crafting to stay on top of your class and the encounters at all times.
    * Fun- players with a sense of humor who know when to goof around and also when to be serious and take care of business
    * Swagger - people that can take pride or even arrogant about the guild they are in and what it represents.
    * Experience- Some type of meta achievement, server first title or other ranking from past history showing what a talented player you are.

    Our Goals and Objectives:

    * A community of people that all actively work towards the betterment of the guild and our goals.
    * Progression raid team 25m - Very competitive end game raiding on a 3-4 day schedule for our hardcore players.
    * Top 250 US ranking or better in both pve and pvp.
    * Relaxed raid team- "Team Bravo" Current content slower pace for the more casual player. 2-3 day schedule
    * Social raid team - Mount and legendary item farming, achievement, and guild point runs to keep everyone active and involved with the guild.
    * PVP Arena and Rated BG teams - For the PVP'ers (see our separate forum post for pvp recruitment
    * An organized and consistent schedule for all guild activities. All of which will be posted on the guild calendar and led by an experienced officer.
    * Active guild members only - Rosters will not be cluttered with non-contributing members forgotten alts or "friends" nobody knows.

    ************PVE RECRUITMENT INFORMATION****************
    We are only a few classes short of being where we need to be to start and progress through hard modes. The transition period for a new guild building up to a 25m roster takes a bit of time but

    we are very excited to be one step closer to reaching our goals as a guild.

    DRUID: Bear tank with OS resto/boomer who can play both exceptionally.
    HUNTER: Marksman/Survival
    PALADIN: Holy
    PRIEST: Holy
    !!As always any exceptional players application is welcomed no matter what the class or spec!!
    *We also accept re-rolls for future raiding consideration*

    We are also recruiting for the following player ranks.

    PVP PLAYERS - Pvp focused players who excel at arenas and are interested in rated BG's

    Team Bravo and Social - Players who are skilled raiders but not into top end progression who also want to farm old content and feel the social aspect of the guild is more important to them.

    Team Bravo Raid Leader- Manage and run our more casual group - Heavy experience required

    ************************************************** ************************
    In game or REAL ID

    * GM- Purrminator/Purrminator@verizon.net
    * Progression Raid Leader - Cruxifiction
    * Ranged Lead/Recruitment officer - Kajaro/Mtdewgod@yahoo.com
    * Asst Raid Lead/Social Coordinator - Tahlvain/r_smith7779@yahoo.com
    * Healing Leader - Sallyanne/ocsurfer90@msn.com
    * Guild leader of Researchology - Littlehops
    * PVP Officer - Naturewarden
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