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Thread: is the Guild Leader the Problem ?

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    is the Guild Leader the Problem ?

    Hey peeps,

    okay here is my situiation atm. Im in a Guild that has 42 Members with a decent Pool of good players in it. The Guild Leader ( which is my Brother ) sends invitations to players of other Guilds that are not even ready for raiding.

    Yesterday we went to Bastion of Twilight in a 10 Man Grp, which is okay for me. Weve been there now for quite few weeks. Some players of the other Guilds dont pay attention to the Boss mechanics, and somtimes i would like to knock some heads against a wall, because of that.

    Our Setup :

    Warrior Tank
    Feral Druid
    Elemental Shaman
    Resto Shaman
    2 x Shadow Priests
    Holy Paladin
    Holy Priest
    >> and the Mage ( which is me )

    At some point i dont understand why the Guild Leader is setting up Grps like this, because he doesnt have all Buffs avalible for the Fights. Ive already told him that
    this Setup is crap bla bla. Instead of inviting people with knowledge, he is just inviting peeps who are nice. I mean nice peeple are cool to me , but this aint gonna
    get us somewhere . No boss will be conquered cause somone is nice O_o

    so what should i do ? Leave the Guild ? Or should i try to tell the Guild Leader again
    that this aint gonna work like this ?

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    A guild leader doesn't have to organize raids. It's your brother, talk to him about your worries face to face and offer leading the raid by yourself. You pick the people, look out for buffs/debuffs and formost for good players. If you succeed, it's a win/win and if not you can still leave, knowing you tried your very best.

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    Maybe i should try that. But atm i dont see he would agree to this descision. But ill give it a try.

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    That group set up isn't totally horrific. You're missing one really key debuff for a magic heavy raid (8% spell damage taken) that could be covered by the hunter pet and a couple of other bits and pieces perhaps (depends a bit on the specs). I suspect you're more talking about the specific people he's inviting rather than the exact raid set up, though.

    It sounds to me like perhaps your goals, and the goals of the raid leader, aren't aligned. It may be that he isn't really in the game for progress but more for a social time when raiding. You should talk to him about his goals and ambitions and plans for the guild and its progress in raiding. That will help you decide whether its just that he doesn't entirely understand how to put a decent raid together to do what he wants to do (fixable) or whether his goals are different to yours (not fixable).
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    A guild and a raid are not always the same thing, and the skill set required to lead one does not apply to the other.

    You're upset because of several factors.

    1. You're not raiding with people in your guild. However, even with as many people in the guild, how many of them want to raid or aren't already in one of their own. Is your guild even a raiding guild? (I have 2 people in my guild. Yes, I raid with all 1 of them.)

    2. The quality of people you are raiding with are below your standards. What are the standards? Perhaps the standards are simply lower and you are on the high end of the spectrum. It's not uncommon for people to find themselves better geared or skilled than the people they group with, in every group there must be a numerical best (though judging by things like meters alone is never a good decision). This often leads to a sense of wanting a better group because you are the "best" and no one else measures up.

    As for whether or not you should leave your guild, that is a decision for yourself to make. Maybe you should just lead a raid yourself, there is nothing in the rulebook that says a guild leader has to be a raid leader.
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    RM is limited by what's available to him.

    If you feel your group isn't progression enough, do something about it. Recruit raiders looking for performance goals, attendance and teamwork.

    Some players look at raids and go meh. If you see this week after week in the raids you are in either start leading a focused 10 man or find another group to run with.

    If the people are standing in the fire, and week after week you try to correct them to no avail, what else could you do ?

    Point is all the options - leave guild, recruit, form raids, etc are in your control.

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