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Thread: Prot Warrior spread sheet stats

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    Prot Warrior spread sheet stats

    So, I am relatively new to tanking, I have mostly been a healer up to now, and tanked some heroics late in wrath, before I got frustrated and quit. Anyway, I decided to pick up my tank again, hoping for better results since I am gearing up as my guildmates are. I downloaded the 4.0.6 spread sheet that was made to start to get a feel for all of these stats and what I should be looking for as I approach 85. I am really confused by all the different weighting columns. I really only understand that the EH column is for Maxing out your Effective health, and I think the other columns add some combination of threat stats to that, but I am unsure whether I should look at ThreatPoints or BurstTime as a primary weighting, and why.


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    It's really simple to be honest, you want avoidance (parry/dodge) or migitation (mastery) on the item. And that's more or less about it. Mastery is just awesome, stack it where you can for normal mode. Your health raises greatly with your gear/itemlvl and those stamina trinkets that drops on the road.

    Why? Mastery has no dimnishing returns. There's absolutley no reason to ever go for hit*- or expcap over more avoidance and migitation.

    * unless you're the only one that can do the interrupt job..

    So don't think to hard about spreadsheets, tanking items are very straight forward:
    - is mastery on it? If yes, take it. Reforge other stat to dodge or parry depending on what % is lower on your character sheet.
    - if no mastery is provided, is dodge and parry on it? If yes, okayish and if not, throw it away.
    - obviously take items with mastery and dodge or parry over items with offensive stats. Some offensive stats are better (hit, exp) then others (crit*, haste - * unless you're a bear).
    - last point, itemlvl. If the difference is just to big like wearing 312 questing greens and there's a 346 but clearly dps drop just take it anyway (if noone else needs it), the upgrade in armor/stamina/strength and the option to reforge stuff away will help you

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