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Thread: Warrior needs pvp advice

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    Warrior needs pvp advice

    Hi, new member here. I'm a warrior who has casually pvp'd prior to Cataclysm, and I'm looking for advice on getting back into it.

    First of all, what spec? I used to pvp as protection, because fury wasn't viable and arms just didn't appeal to me. I'm not sure now whether I should go with fury or prot. Prot was fun, what with spell reflecting and extremely high defenses and all, but I've been told that fury is much more effective than prot now. (bear in mind i'm planning on doing bgs and eventually arenas)

    If I go with fury, then I also have two other questions:

    -what stats do you focus on? I've heard conflicting things about mastery.

    -is smf a must? I'm a fan of tg.

    Guess that's it for now. Thanks!

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    For arenas prot has really lost a lot of its utility. Spell reflect only works on spells cast at you not team mates. In 2s or 3s i would recommend against prot if you want to be serious with it. In 5s its a little more usable with a thicker dps lineup to support you. Fury has definitely gained popularity with the recent changes to arms, but it still has its own issues. Even with the loss of intercept as arms, arms is still more mobile than fury. Other issue with fury is a lot of your damagte is based on enrage effects. When rogues hunters and boomkins start removing your enrage effects, then you lose a huge chunk of your damage output. On the otherhand when you dont have those issues, fury can dish out some serious damage, plus you get the added bonus of more stats from dual-wielding. Arenas I would definitely recommend Fury > Prot.

    For battlegrounds especially rated bgs prot shines a lot more, flag carrying, and base defending are a lot easier with all those defensive abilities and stats. Prot would be more viable in bgs but id still say fury over prot. As fas as TG vs SMF, i believe that they are close enough in damage that you can play whichever you feel more comfortable with. COncerning that though I dont believe that all the math heads have really gotten solid numbers yet for 4.0.6 so the weapon choice could swing either way once they get it all figured out.

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    Go Prot!!

    I recently moved to prot just BGs not arenas, I can tell you something; is the first time Im really enjoying BGs!!
    Lots of stuns and mobility, you can annoy casters and you wont be dying every 30 seconds!

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    tg is viable and actually better than smf if you have the pve gear to back it up. otherwise, your better off with smf in pvp gear since rage generation is alot smoother with smf. i would suggest trying arms though as its alot more reliable in arenas than fury is and not as squishy. however if you dont like it fury is definately a viable pvp spec now as long as you are good about saving cooldowns for burst situations. prot is eh right now. its ok in bgs but not great, fairly easily killed by a persistent person and killing a healer is basically impossible unless your with someone else to help you dps them down while u stunlock them. in arena prot isnt very good either, the damage they do can just be ignored as the other team burns down ur group members then just turns to you at the end.

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