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Thread: Jane Doe 9/12 Recruitment Update. [A] - EU Terokkar

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    Jane Doe 9/12 Recruitment Update. [A] - EU Terokkar

    [A]"Jane Doe" (Server: EU-Terrokar; Server Time: GMT +1)


    Accomplishments: Cata - 9/12; Rated BG - 2nd in realm; ICC 10 HC - 11/12; 2nd in realm for 10 man achievements(WotLK).

    Goals: Jane Doe is heading for top 3 Alliance in achievements and progression on Terokkar.

    Who we are:JD currently have Seven active raid teams each with different goals and raid times.
    We have spaces in teams who's progress ranges from 0/12 to 9/12.

    Raid Spots:
    Details you can find on the website: http://www.janedoe.eu
    Great apps of any class will be considered.
    We are looking forward to creating a strong community and achieving all the possible benefits from the Cataclysm expansion.

    To apply for a social place please go to the forum and the social applications section and fill in the details explained in the sticky post there.

    Contact: To apply for a raid spot please visit www.JaneDoe.eu and click on the link at the top left in the roster section of the website.
    Before you apply:

    - Be 18+ years of age.
    - Be knowledgeable about end game content and tactics
    - Be very knowledgeable about your class (Rotations, gemming, enchantments)
    - Be able to understand and communicate in English(via Mumble).

    - Be enthusiastic and willing to explore new game content.

    Disclaimer ~ By applying to Jane Doe You are signing an electronic Contract NOT to stand in Fire, Poison, P3W P3W Lazers or anything else that may cause you or your team mates harm or cause unneccessary extra hassle for your healers. Their Job is hard enough. We are also a pretty tranquil guild so Elitism and generally being a prick will get you kicked from the guild. Thanks for understanding, Enjoy your stay, KKTHANKSBAI!
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