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Thread: Legendary: Episode 16 - DIAMONDS

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    Legendary: Episode 16 - DIAMONDS

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    didn't blizzard 2 years ago, talk about how custom maps would become a profitable system similar to that of the apple store, at blizzcon? i always assumed the better games would be posted somewhere and distributed for $1 or something.

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    I think Blizzard just discovered the model to use for Cataclysm Tier 2 (Tier 12) paladin helm.
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    There is a Joyland in my home town. http://www.joylandpark.com/

    I with Lore though, I don't trust anything that can be put up or taken down in 24 hours.

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    Imagine if would have had pre-hotfix Gift of the Naaru in WotLK. ICC with 3 shamans and Valithria would have been automatic win.

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    Most of our plastic junk we buy is made in china. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the US's roller coaster parts were 25% Chinese. I give them such a low percentage because it is not cost effective or wise to import the steel required which is the majority of the structure. I would probably not take part in any Chinese theme park rides due to the fact their steel quality tends to be much, much, lower. It's one of the reasons they can sell (big surprise) look alike ATVs for up to 75% less than other major manufacturers. However, experience selling these death traps has showed me just how poor the welds and steel of their products are. The Blizz themed park will be like the great wall, cool to look at, but it can't stand up to those dam Mongolians.
    Lets move on to "licencing", in order to produce ANYTHING in China, half the company must be OWNED by a Chinese proprietary. Furthermore, this ownership entitles that Chinese proprietor to ALL technology used to manufacture the good. So, in turn, that Chinese company can share said technology with "parent" or "sister" companies. These companies in turn produce many lookalike or outright identical products. If you google around a bit, you can probably find articles about ford and gm's endeavors that backfired when spin off companies started copying cars they were producing there.
    What this means to big blizz? Squat, they don't make theme parks, and like you guys said, who is going to plan a trip to china over a knock-off theme park? No-one. No-one I know of says, "hey, ima save some dough and go to fake disneyland china. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-JULFxB0sk Their however is a real Disneyland in Hong Kong. Coincidence? http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com/h...?name=HomePage
    I bet if ping was not an issue, (no racial joke intended) they would have MMO rip offs in china.

    IT GETS BETTER, when I heard about the theme park rip off, it reminded me of what happened when one chinese MMO copycat/provider, did try to dip into Blizz's Kool-aid. http://www.wowchina.com/ Use google chrome or google to translate.

    Tin foil hat time, how can US private servers get away with providing realms, some times for free, while a huge operation in china gets smashed? Simple, $) cha ching, the masses in the US know quality comes at a price, and will never leave official blizz servers for some unknown guy in his basement with an old pentium 4 tower he doesn't use anymore that was just collecting dust in the closet anyway. (cause that is about all it takes to run 1 realm) The Chinese however, have no-way of knowing, especially when they put up a wowchina.com They had potential, if left unchecked, to build a client base larger than the US on sheer numbers alone.

    Hotfixes, thankyou blizz, you killed my, uhh, kill joy. I'm a DK, and what better thing to gauge the effectiveness of your new pvp or pve piece, than picking the lowest level friendly, that happened to be out "exploring" the city, then wandered by you and the training dummies. I'm SOOO glad that is fixed.

    Well, thats my rant for the week.
    You will never get the time back you just wasted to read all that, enjoy.

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    Does anyone have a link to Mike B's armory?

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    Best show on the net, bar none. PS MikeB, you are hilarious, keep it up!

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    Back in TBC blizz said that they would only hotfix emergency stuff that really was gamebreaking, class balance would have to wait for standard patches because hotfixing was expensive. I would seem that they have come up with a new way of deploying fixes that is a lot easier and cheaper.

    And imagine them fixing balance issues on the rollercoasters:

    hotfix patchnote: the pitch of the 720 loop-the-loop on garrosh' hellscream has been reduced by 15%. Bring on the cranes!
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    For some reason I feel like a lot of the hotfixes are unnecessary. BIYM Blizz
    Awwww Snap!

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