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Thread: Someone Please help me

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    Someone Please help me

    So heres my issue. I run WoW on an Asus laptop with a GeForce GTS 360M graphics card. I have 5gb ram and the i5 processor. Computer has worked great up until last night. All of the sudden my WoW game starts glitching up so i have to tab out and tab in a couple times. The it completely freezes up with weird graphical errors that hurt my face.

    I display this on a HD TV thats about 22 in connected through an HDMI cable to my laptop. I did a hard reinstall of the game today and I can run it just fine on my laptop screen but the second I put it on my TV screen it freaks out glitches out and my graphics card shuts the game off. Any suggestions? I can't raid on a 16 in screen so ill try about anything.

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    Re: Someone Please help me

    Weird problem. The only suggestion I have is to isolate the problem: is it the TV or the computer? Is it the video drivers or WoW?

    For the first question, you'll need to try it out on a different TV. Worst case, take it to a retailer and say you want to buy a TV but you want to make sure it works with your laptop (or be honest, some ppl out there are still nice).

    For the second, see if it happens in other games. I'd try this first, as it may save you the trouble of finding another TV. If it happens with all games, it's either the laptop or the TV so answer the first question now.

    If it's not the TV, it's either the laptop hardware or the drivers. Chances are it's the drivers, so wipe them clean and reinstall.

    That's the diagnostic method. You could just refresh the drivers right from the start, too. No guarantees it will help, though, unless you've already determined they are the problem.

    If it's the laptop hardware, you're out of luck afaik.

    Oh and check the cable too...

    Good luck!

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    didnt they do a mass recall on the i5 last week? and the 17 iirc, could be a processor issue.
    graphics card burnout.
    ram errors.

    could be a plethora of things.

    Watch me play SC2 ladder and enjoy the lolz

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