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Thread: ATI HD5850 BSOD on Youtube Videos

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    ATI HD5850 BSOD on Youtube Videos

    I've been having troubles when i try to watch any youtube video, or any other video that is shown in a flash player. I get a BSOD on a file called atikmpag.sys

    I tried to delete all catalyst files, re-install latest drivers over and over, and the only way i can view them is by non having the catalyst drivers, though i can't have Full HD resolution.

    Any one has ever have this problem, or does any one knows a way to solve it?

    Big thanks in advance!

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    Did you try to uninstall the driver in safemode and then runing driversweeper ( link ) ?
    Then install again a version of the driver that did not make your computer crash.

    I would also suggest checking which flash version you have installed,

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    Did you try using a different browser? Maybe the flash add-on for you current browser is corrupted or out of date.

    Also, Try running a test on your video card hardware. I use the have a similar problem with my Nvidea SLI configuration. As soon as I ran an application that required a lot of memory a BSOD would pop up. Turned out my second video card it's memory had an error and needed to be replaced.
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