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Thread: Lockouts Question

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    Lockouts Question

    I was wondering how the lockout's are working this expansion.

    Do heroic modes lock you to that type of raid? (10 or 25)

    For instance, my guild wants to try out Heroic Halifus 10 man. However we are a 25 man raiding guild.

    So if we kill 10 man Heroic Halfus, will we be able to convert back to 25 man regular to clear the rest of Bastion of Twilight this week?



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    Yes, after you kill Halfus in 10 man you will have every boss but him available for your 25 man normal raid.

    But the other 15 people will have to accept the instance ID from your raid leader. You can revert to any dificulty and raid size to any boss and instance it is all shared.

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    Please don't ask the same question in multiple locations. You already got your answer.
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    thread closed.

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