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Thread: leveling a druid

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    leveling a druid

    I have that disease where you level one alt for 40-60 levels, then decide to go level something else for a while. And I love to tank. So I have 3-5 bears scattered around various servers, but most of them were leveled pre-4.0 and I know very little about druids now. I know it seems dumb to be worrying about this at this level, but random alts are fun. The game isn't _all_ about endgame ... right?

    I have just come back to a troll druid I started when 4.0 hit ... only to discover I have more health in cat form than in bear form? (3638 in bear at level 50) I have 1.5k less health than the goblin warrior two levels lower than me. I also feel unreasonably squishy, but that may just be a side effect of the low health. Evasion doesn't exist at this level. (I have some from agi/talents but as a stat on gear, it doesn't.) I'm really, really reluctant to tank like this. I know I can hold threat, but I'm going to be one-shot by bosses.

    At what point do druids become reasonable tanks again? Or am I missing something? Am I being paranoid?

    I'm in what seems to me to be a reasonable mix of heirlooms, quest rewards and dungeon drops for a level 50 toon. wowhead seems to be saying that all quest rewards in the zones my-level have comparable stam/agi to what I have. So ... I don't get it. Help? Please?

    *edit* http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...indiyah/simple

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    Levelling as a Bear is gimp until 66 at the earliest. I hate to say it, but it's being honest.

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    i leveled my druid as bear spec from 1 to 85 and using lfd for the majority and it is very slow compared to questing as cat. i leveled mine pre-4.0 so it's probably worse to do so now. best thing to do leveling any alt is use the fastest leveling spec for the class and then the last 5 levels play the spec you are going to play for pvp/raiding. if you are one of those people that just level alts then you have to realize that alot of talents/mechanics are focused around endgame pvp/raiding so you just cannot perform at lower levels to the same effect.

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    Personally from a fellow bear perspective and someone who is leveling a Holy Priest at your same level.... I'd take that point out of Survival Instinstics and put it into Natural Reactions instead...

    I've never had a tank have to pop SI or its equal while I'm healing... and as a tank I'd rather have the flat damage reduction that a 3 minute cooldown that gives me extra health. It also gives you more rage as you dodge

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    I'm also leveling a druid (well 2 on different servers). It may be a bear at 85 but at low levels I mostly play cat. The tree does not look much different. You can skip most passive survival talents for leveling, since you probably dont need them anyway. If you need them later on you can take them then, or respec.

    But I would not recomment to tank in dungeons with the bear until you are on higher levels. My guildmates have forced me to do it (they did not trust me to not being able to tank with bear, since I'm their MT with my warrior) and every healer joining the group just quit after they saw that the tank was a bear.

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