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Thread: Bartender4 - Warrior stance dance problem

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    Bartender4 - Warrior stance dance problem

    Hey all I recently downloaded Bartender4 for my warrior and I am having some problems trying to get bartender to remember my key bindings. I have set my berserker stance bindings 1,2,3,etc and when I go defensive stance I have my berserker/battle stance bar hidden, I also binded my defensive stance binding bar 1,2,3,etc and the same with battle stance. The problem is that I cant get bartender to remember my keybindings 1,2,3,etc for every stance except one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you're explicitly keybinding the 1 button to a particular button on a bar, then regardless of what stance you are in, it will attempt to execute that action (even if that bar is hidden). The problem you are facing is you overwrote the default key binding for the action bar with your own custom ones and now it is no longer automatically paging that binding.

    Lets say Battle Stance is bar 7 and Defensive Stance is bar 8 (I don't know what the actuals are, but for this example we'll use that). If you explicitly bind the key "1" to the first action button of bar 7, it will execute that action regardless of what bar you have showing in your action bar paging. You told the system, whenever I press "1", do this. Even if you are in Defensive Stance and bar 8 is displayed, you bound the "1" button to bar 7. You actually broke your default automatic key bindings for bar paging (when the bar pages, it should keep the same key binds in the same position).
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    instead of using a different bar and hiding it use the paging feature ...
    a limitation of BT4 is it can only use 10 bars of up to 12 buttons each...
    but you can three bars (one for each stance) with the same keybindings (with an a 10th bar without paging)
    set bars 1, 2, and 3 in your 1st stance. place spells and set key bindings.
    set bars 1, 2, and 3 to page to bars 456 in /bt's state configuration in second stance. place spells, the key bindings will stay the same.
    set bars 1, 2, and 3 to page to bars 789 for the last stance. place spells.
    or you can have 5 bars that have the same bindings ( one for the "main" stance, one for "both minor" stances)
    set bars 1-5 in your most important stance. place spells and set keybindings.
    set bars 1-5 to page to 6-10 in the other stances (ie page bar 1 to bar 6 for both berserker and battle stances) place spells . the key bindings will be the same

    hope this helps.

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    Ahh.. I didnt understand how that paging stuff worked :P but now I have it working perfectly!

    Thanks for the help!!

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