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Thread: Holy Word: Grid/Clique

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    Holy Word: Grid/Clique

    I am a grid clicker for healing and I have yet to figure out how to put Holy Word: Whatever in Clique for me to use with Grid. It's mainly for the heal Chakra (forgive me, I haven't been keeping up on the names of these changes since the initial 4.0 patch... I know they combined Chakras and such) version of Holy Word since the PoH Chakra is a ground targeted aoe circle.

    If anyone can help me out with this, that'd be great. It's annoying to have to Cntrl+LClick on someone's Grid frame then push the button to use this spell when I'm used to never having to target anyone for any of my spells on any of my healers.

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    go to the binding menu, then under "bind other" click on "run custom macro".
    perform the combination on the button in the middle that you want to use (mine is control+right mouse button)
    /cast [target=mouseover]Holy Word: Serenity
    into the box.
    click "Save"

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