H: Virtual Dragon Slayers is Recruiting

Virtual Dragon Slayers is a well-established, focused, and ambitious 25 man
raiding guild with an extensive history of success and distinction. We are
looking for motivated, like-minded players who perform well within their roles
while being punctual, mature, and competent. As a guild we are devoted to
consistently raiding every week with a competitive realm-first mentality. Each
week we down bosses, strive to obtain achievements, and make every effort to
achieve tangible progress. Our 25man raids run Tues-Thurs & Sun 7-11 CST. We
use an attendance weighted wish list loot distribution system; which allocates
items in a fair and reasonable manner. If this describes you and what you are
looking for in a guild, then Virtual Dragon Slayers is a good fit for you.

Contacts: Kikipaki, Paopao, Sunhoof, Derra, Elysha, Kelil, or Decapitation


Our guild began in the early days of Vanilla; since then we have maintained top
server rankings as well as a notable realm presence. The majority of our raid
composition roster has remained relatively unchanged as we have sustained low
turnover throughout the years. We are looking for players who can contribute to
this type of enduring quality, longevity; which is the foundation of our guild.

Consistency, Punctuality, and Commitment
We have raided every week since Molten Core in Vanilla, without exception. Guild
members can be sure of an on-time raid occurring on scheduled raid nights,
without fail. Our guild leader, officers, and raiders are committed to raid
progress each week and we require that same level of dependability from new
players as well.

Achievements and Realm Firsts
We have accomplished every raid achievement available and we have downed every
raid boss in the game since Vanilla. Recent realm-firsts include: 25 Cho’gall
and 25 Nefarian. In the past, noteworthy realm-firsts include: Heroic 25
Halion and Heroic 25 Lich King. We have and will continue to put in the time,
dedication, and sacrifice for achievements like these. As a result, we are
looking for goal-oriented players who are ready to do the same.

Competency, Maturity, Honesty, and Motivation
Our guild leader, Kikipaki, has led the guild for over six years. Our officers
are seasoned, mature, and intelligent players. Our leadership strives for
solutions, efficiencies, and continually works to promote a fun and objective
driven raiding atmosphere. One example is our loot list and attendance-weighted
item distribution system; players choose the order in which they would prefer to
receive loot, and the structure allocates items amongst raiders in a fair manner.

We are always looking for extraordinary applicants, regardless of class. If the
above picture of our guild is what you are in search of, and the description of
our players is similar to you, then we encourage you to apply.