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Thread: bear tanks, flask of steelskin or flask of the winds

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    bear tanks, flask of steelskin or flask of the winds

    standards apply. tanks need stam. but from what cata is implying, opposite of what wrath was, tanks in cata are not HT's (healthtanks).

    so would the agi for added dodge be better, up until a good number? right now im sitting at 30-31% dodge. whats a good number to be at, or what percentage do you actually start noticing a difference in avoidance?

    i would guess that winds until you get your dodge rating/percentage up. then switch to steelskin.

    just some pointers in the right direction please.

    thank you for any advice.

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    Heya, well this topic was previously beaten to death early in cata as the Steelskin flask is actually quite underbudget compared to the other choices. Combine that fact with how great agility is for druids and Winds is easily the clear choice.

    There is a caveat, if you are severely undergeared for something, ie, your gear is a hinderance(paragon in blues in heroic raids for instance) go with steelskin since you're pushing progression much faster than you can gear up for the encounters.

    Also, every percent of dodge(avoidance) is better than the previous point, so even with DR, druids should be stacking agi at least fully through this tier. Obviously that doesn't go for everything(I know someone is going to point out some specific example). Make sure you gear around specific encounters when you need to. I have 34% dodge before raid buffs and I take about 2k less damage per second through many fights in 25mans.

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