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Thread: Atramedes - Incoming Sound & Spread out vs Camp

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    Atramedes - Incoming Sound & Spread out vs Camp

    Hi there,

    At first a question about incoming sound:
    How does it exactly work? Is the incoming sound directly related to the incoming damage? As in: 10k Damage from the AoE results in 1% sound. 20k in 2% sound etc.

    Further, the other way around: How does the incoming damage of the unavoidable AoE relate to the sound-%? I'm fairly sure the damage is increased, but by how much?


    Next is more of a discussion than a question. About 10m - I think most people agree, that it's easier to manage the Breath, incoming damage and discs when standing in a camp. However, recently I've seen a 10m HM kill video, where people spread out around Atramedes. In my opinion, this results in:
    - Doing more damage because you don't always have to avoid all the discs
    - Harder to heal as a non-camp
    - Every member needs to be on his toes him/herself from the breath and discs

    What do you think? Does a spread out-tactic have some decent advantages over the camp?

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    From what I saw, healing on Atramedes is really easy as long as people are avoiding the discs and fire, so either way works fine. We do a 3-camp thing that seems to work pretty well. 2 ranged camps standing on the left and right edges of the healing circles on the ground, and a melee camp on the other side of the boss. If someone in the left camp is targeted for the breath, they move left, and the right side people move right if targeted. Melee move clockwise. The reason for the ranged camps being close is for heroic mode when an imp spawns and fixates on a victim -- we want it to be easy for people to find the imps and kill them. On normal mode, you can really just do whatever you want because positioning is not that important.

    Also on normal mode, you might as well just use 2 gongs per ground phase, 1 per air phase. Just in case people fail and have high sound, it's nice to ring it once before the Searing Flames comes, and again to interrupt it. We just ring it when the first Sonic Breath happens to make things easier and keep people dpsing, again to interrupt Searing Flames, and once more in the air phase.

    In the air phase, be aware that whoever rings the gong will be targeted next. Use a mobile class like a warrior, rogue, or mage to be the second kiter. If you have to use 2 gongs in an air phase, just use 1 for the next ground phase.

    I recommend using heroic positionings even when doing normal modes when possible so that when you do get to hc mode later, you won't have to change your strategy much.

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    I like your positioning suggestion. I guess you are raiding 25man - How often do the imps spawn? Is it the same in 10man?


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