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Thread: [H][Boulderfist]<Damaged Justice> 2/13HM Evening Raiding(PST) LF Ranged DPS & Heals

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    Cool [H][Boulderfist]<Damaged Justice> 4/13HM Evening Raiding(PST) LF Ranged DPS & Heals

    About Us:
    Damaged Justice is the top horde guild on Boulderfist (PvP-PST). We are currently looking for exceptional players to bolster our raid roster for current and future raids. Damaged Justice has been around since
    March 2010 and ended WotLK 11/12 Heroic ICC 25. Outside of raid times we are extremely laid back and typically hang out on vent, but during raids times we lock down and get stuff done.

    Current Progression:
    12/12 Normal Modes
    Heroic: Halfus
    Heroic: Chimaeron
    Heroic: Maloriak
    Heroic: Atramedes

    Raid Times:

    Sunday: 8:00pm-1:00am
    Monday: 8:00pm-1:00am
    Tuesday: 8:00pm-1:00am
    Wednesday: 8:00pm-1:00am
    Thursday: 9:00pm-
    Friday: Offnight
    Saturday: Offinight
    *All times are Boulderfist Server Times(PST)*


    We are currently looking for:

    Mage (High)
    Boomkin (High)
    Warlock (High)
    Shadow Priest (Medium)
    There is 1 spot open for an exceptional melee dps.

    Holy/Disc Priest (High)
    Resto Shaman (Medium)

    Blood DK (High)
    Feral Druid (High)
    Protection Warrior (High)
    Protection Paladin (High)

    We are always recruiting EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS of any class. If you feel that you are able to challenge our current core of raiders for their raid spot, please feel free to put in an application.

    A few qualities we're looking for in applicants:

    -You should be very knowledgeable about every aspect of your class, not just the particular spec you currently play.
    -High situational awareness.
    -Own up to your mistakes and find a way to fix them. We don't want to hear the statement "It's not my fault because....".
    -Invest time to research encounters ahead of time.


    To apply just head over to the Damaged Justice forums. The application process is completely private, and if we're interested in you, we'll respond via email or contact you ingame with further details.
    Please be aware we do require all applicants to have ventrilo and a working mic. We also require all applicants to provide combat log parses to show their performance in raids.

    If you have any questions contact Shootmeagain, Symbtc, Bish˘p, Kastro, or Norsa ingame. You can also send a PM to Shootmeagain on the Damaged Justice forums, or email recruitment@damagedjustice.net.
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